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Winter Olympics 2018 – PyeongChang Cyber Attack.

Did you have the chance of watching the Winter Olympics 2018 opening ceremony? Did you see the more than 1,000 drones flying solo? Just amazing.

What most people don’t know is that their systems were disrupted over the weekend following a malware attack just before and during the opening ceremony.

This includes 12 hours of downtime of their official website, the collapse of Wi-Fi in the Olympic Stadium and the failure of television and internet at the main press centre, leaving attendees unable to print their ticket for events or get venue information.

A number of cybersecurity firms published reports suggesting that the cause of the disruption was “destructive” wiper malware that had been spread through the Winter Games’ official network using stolen credentials. This malware majorly focuses on taking down networks and systems and wiping data, rather than stealing information.

Can you see how easy is to cause big damage only with a simple username and password? Remember to keep your passwords safe, don’t write them and never use any “easy-guess” passwords.

Be safe out there, until next Monday Malware.

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