Do you have a Windows PC? You may be hacked by just visiting a site

There is a vulnerability on Windows which allows you to be hacked by just clicking on a malicious link or opening a webpage.

Microsoft have just released its April month’s Patch last Tuesday with security updates, which addresses multiples vulnerabilities, five of which could allow an attacker to hack your computer by just visiting a website.

If you have a Windows computer at home or at work, make sure they are properly patched. Do you remember how to update them manually? Just go to Settings — Update & Security — Windows Update — Check for Updates or if you have the option, install the update.

Remember to keep all applications on your computer updated, not only windows, such as Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office and so on.

Many malware in the wild use well-known windows vulnerabilities to access your computer. For that reason, always keep them updated.

Be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.

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