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Why you should know about the Internet of Things

You’ve probably heard of the Internet of Things, or IoT, but unless you’re a bit of a nerd like me chances are you may not be fully aware of what it really means or how you might use it in your business. Let’s just say that there are a lot of clever people that see the Internet of Things as driving the next huge wave of technology, and certainly our partner Telstra is making huge bets on what this latest technological explosion means for their networks.


Last week, we were at the Telstra Vantage Conference in Melbourne. On show was a huge selection of Telstra technology, partners and other fun stuff.


During my wandering around the show I dropped into the Telstra IoT stand and checked all the practical examples of IoT, as well as the clever dashboarding and analytical products that they have. On the stand I spotted this:



As you know, engineers are attracted to bright shiny pieces of technology and so this took my eye immediately!


What it it? Well, it’s an IoT device which has a magnetic base and a built in SIM card that allows it to talk over the Telstra data network. You can stick it to any mechanical device, let’s say an electrical pump, and it will analyse the normal patterns or vibrations and frequencies that the machine exhibits. From this it will then look for anomalous behaviours- perhaps a bearing starting to wear or a lower than normal rotation/rpm rate. It can thus alert you of a potential issue and arrange a replacement or maintenance BEFORE it fails.


So that’s an IoT device. There are hundreds of others, ones that measure fluid levels, some that measure flow, others that track location, pressure or temperature and the list just never ends. They are small, generally inexpensive, can run on battery for extended periods or be connected to a small solar panel. Most connect back to home base via the mobile network and so offer real time visibility if you need it.


Have a think about it. Perhaps you can see an application for IoT in your business. If you want to discuss it more and explore what’s possible, talk to us at Calibre One now.

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