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Why you need a Telstra Managed Services Helpdesk

Ever needed assistance with your Telstra Business services but have been unsure where to begin? You are certainly not alone!

Many people struggle with not knowing where to call for their unique needs. You may feel like you need to know exactly what you are after and have to do the investigating yourself. Perhaps you are unsure what you should be paying for, what is a good price and what is best plan/solution for your particular business needs. Even if you know where to begin when you have an enquiry, you may feel like you can’t adequately explain what you want in order to achieve your goal, especially without knowing the terminology. It’s easy to get confused when you receive confusing bills and knowing how to decode the bills with unfamiliar codes is not a simple task.

That is why an option has been developed called the Telstra Managed Services Helpdesk which has the primary purpose of assisting you with your Telstra-related needs. This team provides you with a fairy godmother-like experience so that you no longer need to feel like your Telstra enquiries are tough box to tick off your to do list.

As the telecommunications industry is a constantly evolving industry, it is important to keep up to date with the many new product options and pricing. This is where the Telstra Managed Services Helpdesk can assist you by providing tailored advice and recommendations for your Business account.


Why choose the Telstra Managed Services Helpdesk option?


It’s Easy

An email is all that is required to log a ticket detailing your enquiry with the team – you will also be provided direct contact details where you can call the Australian-based team directly. That’s all you’ll now need to do.

It’s Personal

The team get to know you and your account to provide you with a personalised experience each and every time. The more they get to know you, the easier it is for them to understand what you’re looking for and offer fast solutions.

It’s Timely

Each enquiry ticket gets assigned to one of the team members immediately, and a response within 24 hours is assured with numerous types of enquiries including mobile service new connections, mobile service plan changes, sim replacements and mobile service modifications (amongst many others) with the ability to have these completed on the spot if required.

An Experienced Team

Each team member has years of experience under their belt, which is extremely beneficial when problem solving is required. Of course, this is something you could learn and manage yourself, but why take on this complicated learning process when you can have a team of experts at the ready? Time is money, so keep focusing on what makes your business successful and allow an experienced team to lend a hand.


You receive access to the customer records management system which details each of your company requests, where you can find enquiry updates and follow the request progress – this system also allows you 24/7 access to the completed tickets for you to refer back to in future if required.


If you are interested in being a part of the Telstra Managed Helpdesk experience, please visit our Telstra Managed Services page for further information!

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