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Which Industries are Most Susceptible to Phishing Attacks?

We have discussed phishing emails many times in the past. If you do not remember, then it is time to revisit and see what they are here.

In short, this is one of the most classic methods of delivering malware, ransomware and capturing end-users credentials.

A recent study on a worker’s susceptibility to being successfully phished found that those working in the construction industry are the most likely to fall for an attack, however, with the proper training this weakness can be almost entirely weeded out.

If you think you are safe because you do not work in the construction industry, just keep reading.


Construction, Hospitality and Retail are the most susceptible to phishing attacks

Construction workers are most likely to be phished with 38% of employees falling susceptible to phishing across companies with less than 249 employees. However, retail/wholesale follows very closely with 37% and the Insurance sector with 36%.

Now, if the company has more than 1,000 employees the story is entirely different.

Construction workers drop to the second position with 37%, while Hospitality takes the lead with a whopping 48%.

Either way, you can find that phishing is still a very real threat, and it is heavily used, as it has been identified that the weakest part of any cyber security program is the end user.

Independently, where you sit in the whole organisation chart, top or bottom, we all have an important role in the cyber security posture of the organisation. Bad guys know it, and because of that they are continuously threatening your environment.

Therefore, make sure you stop, think before clicking any link or opening any attachments, mainly if they are coming from unsolicited emails.

If you want to know more about Security Awareness & Training, just give us a buzz and we will be more than happy to discuss this and any other security queries you may have.

And as always, be safe out there and until the next Malware Monday.

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