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What Should You Consider When Looking at Satellite Services?

Many organisations out there today have remote and regional sites that simply have no way to gain access to either the internet or their corporate network via traditional means of communication. Satellite, for many of these organisations, is the only option they have.

So what options does this leave these organisations with?


NBN Skymuster Satellite Services

Skymuster should be a consideration for these remote or regional sites, NBN Skymuster can deliver speeds of up to 25Mbps in downloads and 5Mbps in upload. The service is highly contended though, so the performance of the service could and will fluctuate significantly depending on time of day and number of people using the service. See our blog post, Understanding What your Internet Is Being Used for and How to Control it for more details on what affects these services.

The good thing about NBN Skymuster is pricing. Skymuster Satellite is a mass market available product, prices range from around $40 a month up to about $120 and in most cases install is covered at the cost of NBN rather than the customer.

Skymuster could be a great option if you are looking for a low cost internet only access where you may only have a couple of people accessing the service.


Iterra IP Satellite Services

So what happens if you have a requirement for more than a couple of people to access the internet? What if you need to access your corporate network, manage large scale files, access video conferencing facilities etc.?

Well the likelihood is that Skymuster NBN Satellite is not going to cut it for you. This is where you may want to consider Enterprise Grade Satellite Services such as Iterra IP.


For organisations with operations beyond the reach of traditional connectivity solutions, Iterra IP Satellite can provide a secure, fast and reliable access to either IP networks or Internet. Iterra IP Satellite is capable of servicing one, or a network of, remote sites at either on-shore or offshore Australian locations. These remote sites may be Fixed, Transportable or Maritime installations, using purchased or rented equipment.

Iterra targets industries requiring a variety of data dependent services including audio/video conferencing, telephony, internet access, and VPN access.

Typical Iterra segments include:

  • Natural resources: mostly mining for expeditions, energy
  • Government: providing services to remote communities such as Health, emergency services
  • Agriculture
  • Education and Research

Iterra IP provide options for customers for non contended or low contention, giving a guarantee across the bandwidth provided. Iterra IP offers unlimited data downloads as well as Dynamic Class of Service (DCoS), Multicast and VLAN capability for corporate networks as well as direct connection in to Telstra MPLS networks.

Iterra IP is available to customers as a fixed site option, or available in a trailer option for customer who require their connectivity to be mobile.

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