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What is Cyberstalking?

We have been using some terms which I believe you are familiarized with, such as Cyber Security, Cyber intrusion, etc. And now we are going to discuss Cyberstalking.

But what is cyberstalking and how to prevent it?

This can take many different forms, however in general it is stalking or harassment that takes place via online channels such as social media, forums, emails, etc., and it is typically sustained over a period of time.

Bear in mind that, for example, if you’ve received a few negative comments on Instagram or any other social network, you may be upset or annoyed, however it is not cyberstalking just yet.

Now, if this is a repetitive action, that will mean the line has been crossed. If this happens, it is always a good idea to report this to both the website owners and law enforcement agencies.

There are many ways to minimize cyberstalking.

For instance, you may want to keep a low profile while online. Maybe using an alias instead of your real name

Sometimes, the person who is doing the cyberstalking wants to go further and know what software or information you have on your computer, and even where you are physically. If that is the case, it is always good to have all your software up-to-date, this will minimize the likelihood of accessing your computer.

In addition to that, hiding your IP Address will help you anonymize your connection. In general terms, an IP Address is like your postal address, every device connected to internet has a unique IP address which allow them to be identified. Now, if you are based in Australia you can show to the perpetrator like you are in a country in Europe or America. The use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) application are good to do this.

And the last point to consider when sharing information, being very conscious when disclosing sensitive information. Remember, once the information is out there, you don’t know where it will end up.

As always, be safe out there. Until next Malware Monday.

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