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What did we learn at Telstra Vantage 2018?

Telstra Vantage was held at the Melbourne Convention Centre again this year. Over 6,000 Telstra customers attended the event this year, which was hosted by over 1,000 Telstra employees and 380 of their partners and vendors.


The Launch of a 5G Network

(Section written by Darren Gore)

Andy Penn’s keynote speech introduced the event on Wednesday morning. His speech focused heavily around the launch of the  new 5G Network.

“We are on the cusp of the 5G rollout which is bringing together our connected world of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and technologies we have not yet invented.”

Andy Penn, Telstra Vantage 2018

Penn went on to tell the audience about the significant importance of 5G technology over the coming decade,

“Deloitte estimated 5G will add $5bn in gross domestic product over the coming 3 years,” said Andy Penn.

What I found most interesting about this change in tech is that it is not just about speed, 5G technology creates literally no latency, which is the distance it travels throughout the network to deliver the data being sent (see additional internet definitions here). This will be critical when we start to look at things like autonomous vehicles on our roads where delivery of data needs to be super quick.

Darren at the Telstra Vantage Conference

5G has the capability of delivering bandwidth and capacity of more than 10x current 4G networks. While we were there, a speed test was performed on 4G vs 5G, 5G was getting speeds of 3.5Gbps, currently 35x faster than the fastest NBN capable service available today.

“It took 8 years for 2.5Bn people to move from 2G to 3G, it took 5 years for 5Bn to move from 3G to 4G, the question is, how long will it take for us all to move to 5G.” Andy Penn

Since launching their new Internet of Things network, Telstra is now connecting 1,600 new devices per day, and are expecting this to rise by 3x by the end of the year. With 15 sites already active and a couple 100 on schedule to be finished by the end of the year, there is no doubt that 5G is finally here.

4G vs 5G tests run at the conference


View the Day 1 Highlights Reel Here



Some of This Year’s Tech

Calibre One was lucky enough to send five delegates from our company this year including Steve Wemyss, Carley Romeo, Hayley Imlay, Doug Stephens and myself. Each of our state managers this year took the opportunity to select one technology or vendor that sparked our attention and that we thought might spark yours.


Telstra Connect

(Section written by Hayley Imlay)

Telstra Connect is a pure cloud application designed to provide business clients access to a portal where they can see a dashboard of orders they have placed for products such as Next IP networks, NBN, mobiles and eventually all statuses of product orders. Telstra Connect was preliminarily launched at Telstra Vantage 2018 and is currently in Beta phase. Clients should be able to gain access to this as of Q1 2019.

Within Connect, customers can also see digital billing information, status of any outages or faults that could be affecting their WAN performance and also reports on utilisation of their data networks.

This system consolidates some of the most sought after information from multiple legacy systems such as cust data and t analyst.

Hayley at the Telstra Connect booth



(Section written by Carley Romeo)

Jurlique are one of the brand of products I used so I found myself instantly drawn over to see why they were at Telstra Vantage. Jurlique are a pilot Telstra SD WAN customer, SD WAN is software defined networking.

The point of the technology is to simplify the operation and management of a WAN by decoupling the network hardware from its control mechanism. SD WAN enables you as the operator to be able to control, program, manage, view and support your entire network of devices including routers, switches and more all from one central dashboard.

This technology will enable Jurlique are all to apply policy across all of the domestic and global sites with a click of a button, real time dashboarding and reporting and alerting when something goes wrong.

The Jurlique booth


Telstra Drones

(Section written by Doug Stephens)

Drone technology is making leaps and bounds, which was on display at Vantage. Telstra was showing off their drones which are now being used as Temporary 4G transmitters via both battery and tethered applications, where a permanent power cord and fibre connection is attached. With increased accuracy and powerful GPS receivers, infrastructure inspections, such as transmission towers and wind farm generators, are made significantly easier.

Doug learning about the Telstra Drones

By adding heat vision cameras, drones can assist with law enforcement, identify wildfire embers and even autonomously assist with search and rescue operations. Commercial drone usage continues to rise with both Pilots and businesses finding new and inventive ways to use this incredible technology.


View The Conference Wrap Up Reel Here:



That’s a Wrap!

After two days of conferencing, we were excited and ready to get back to our clients! Once again Telstra and all of their Vendors have put on a world class show giving insight into the technology of the future.

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