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VMworld Europe 2017

VMworld Europe 2017 was a big success, there were more than 11,000 participants which is a new record for vForum Europe. This VMware conference was held in Barcelona, Spain just a few minutes outside the CBD in the new “Fira de Barcelona”.

VMware organises this annual conference to present current products, trends and is used by providers to present their solutions. This year, Calibre One had the privilege of being there to share the experience with other participants.

Hands-on Labs

The first day is mainly orientated to partners and hands-on labs. Hands-on labs was a place where more than 140 computers were ready to be used in order to test or practice any VMware product. A wonderful immersive experience if you’re eager to get your hands on VMware products. In addition, if you had any issues there was always a senior support specialist ready to assist you. In the first day alone, there were more than 1,500 hand-on labs created! I was able to get access to three of them, as most of the time all computers were in use.

What did we miss in the US?

The same conference, only larger, was held a few weeks back in Las Vegas, US. During that conference, as part of the hackathon, a representation of the “future of the datacentre” was presented by the VMware CEO, Patrick Gelsinger. On the second day and as part of the general agenda he wore a VR device where he deleted a Virtual Machine and live migrated  another one  from on-premises to the AWS cloud without downtime.

Perhaps that is the inspiration behind the “challenging the ordinary” verbiage that VMware used for this conference.

Powerful and intuitive technology

I think that was one of my favourites part of the conference was being able to conduct operations, which are normally done by specialized senior engineers. Amazing!

Virtual Reality was also used to open the CEO speech, it was great to see and understand the ramification and simplicity at the same time of this technology.

Exploring the Vendors

During my time in the conference I was able to engage with a number of vendors such as Dell, Tintri, Intel, Fortinet, and others.

For those who haven’t heard of Tintri, it is a storage company specializing in integration with VMware products. Notable companies such as NASA, Chevron and others use their products. Again, amazing. I was able to find a solution using a normal chat dialog. Through ChatOps, I was able to chat with the storage and ask it? Him? Her? To do certain operations such as move a server from one place to another, do some QoS operations, etc. The simplicity and power of this chat feature was inspiring.

In addition to that Dell presented a new server, the VXRail series which brings the vSAN capability embedded in their chipset. This will speed up any storage operation, providing a competitive advantage.

A big VMware product announcement

One of the biggest announcements from VMware was HCX. HCX was used by the CEO to live migrate a server from on-premises to AWS seamlessness and without downtime. HCX delivers secure hybrid cloud for application mobility between vSphere versions, on-premises or in the cloud.

As VMware clearly stated in one of their phrases for this conference, “I am a maker.” If you believe that it can be done, do it or get it done.

Some meaningful discussions

Among the participants I was able to engage with one of the biggest telco companies in the UK and discuss current projects and create plan moving forward, a big insight to see where we are regarding technology back home. I also had the privilege of meeting to deeply discuss DGPR with the person who is running the project inside VMware. Remember that VMware has more than 120 locations around the world, more than 20,000 employees and more than 500,000 customers. Not a small task and size of this project knowing that GDPR is coming into place early next year.

On the third day of the conference, VMware had a “Customer appreciation party” where more than 2,000 people had a great time listening to Kaiser Chiefs, jumping, singing and really having a good time.

To sum up, I strongly believe that VMware Europe 2017 was a great experience, not only for the size of this event but also for the rich content and variety of vendors, partners and opportunity to build networks among other participants.

If you’re interested in this type of event more locally, the vForum will be held in Sydney on the 2nd of November at The International Convention Centre (ICC) at Darling Harbour. This Sydney conference lasts two days, when compared to this conference in Europe, which was four days.

Will we be on the next year VMware Europe 2018? Watch this space …

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