Ticketmaster reports major security breach

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Ticketmaster reports major security breach

Another day, another breach…

You may by now be tired about hearing about breaches, and you probably already forgot or think it was a long time ago when Facebook had one. Well, this time is the turn of Ticketmaster.

The global entertainment ticketing service Ticketmaster confirmed that the company has suffered a security breach. They discovered a malicious software on the customer support application on their UK website that allowed attackers to extract personal data and payment information from their customers when buying tickets.

If you have purchased any tickets from them you may have already received an email from them informing that your personal data may have been compromised. If you got a ticket between September 2017 and June this year I strongly suggest you change your Ticketmaster password and check your credit card details/debits during that period to detect any unusual transactions.

Remember, do not use the same password in multiples services. If you have had already used it then you may need to change the password in all other services, websites, applications too.

Be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.