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This Valentine’s Day, Watch Out for “Romance Scammers”

Valentine Day is just around the corner. If you’re alone on Valentine’s day, that’s okay, because you’re not alone in being alone! According to the 2019 Australian Census, 2 million Australians live in lone-person households, which is about 24% of households. Around this time of year, it’s tempting to go out there and find love, and you should, but be sure to be careful as scammers will take advantage of anything, even people trying to get out there.

You may be confused about why we’re talking about Valentine’s Day on our security blog, but here is where Security and Love come together:

Scammers are constantly using any tools they can to trick you into clicking links and opening attachments, or even to pass your credit card details over the phone. The holiday of love is, unfortunately, not an exception.

The ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission), through their ScamWatch, reported that “romance scammers” move to new apps, costing Aussies more than $28.6 million, yes you read the number fine, $28.6 million!

You may ask how?? Well, Australians reported almost 4,000 dating and romance scams last year, losing more than $28.6 million. All of that through traditional online dating websites, and mainly romance scams originating on Instagram and Facebook.

But hang on, there are more websites and application with high losses such as Tinder and

Now, there is nothing wrong with using those websites or dating apps, however as with any website or application, you have to be very careful when entering and using your credit card for any transaction. Be safe this Valentine’s day, with your wallet as well as your heart.

Happy Valentine Day, and be safe out there and until the next Malware Monday.

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