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This year was my first time attended the Telstra Vantage Expo and it exceeded my expectations.

I have to say the coming 12 months looks to be a very exciting time to be an ICT Business Development Manager. Just over 20 years ago I first started with Telstra and I remember my trainer saying to me “a phone is not just a phone.” This has always resonated with me and once again this statement has come front of mind. Back then, she was right; However, today this is an understatement.

Telstra is no longer fundamentally about phones, they are a Technology company that touches nearly every aspect of our lives and most of us don’t even know it.

Vantage has only scraped the surface and has shown how much our industry has grown.

We are currently in the midst of a major technology overhaul with the removal of copper networks and the expansion of fibre technologies throughout our country. This has opened the door to new ways of doing business fitter and faster, and access to products that give empowerment to the end user to have more control over their business.

Exploring the Vendors

Below, I explore a few of the Vendors who attended this years Vantage and what they had to say about their products.






Exltech tell us that they provide next-generation solutions and streamlined processes to partners, ensuring an unmatched customer experience and lightning quick order fulfillment. Unified Workspace is the office of the future. They claim that they can remove the dependency on costly and unnecessary hardware and replace it with a Samsung DEX environment, simplifying and mobilising the user environment.





Fuel Tax Calculator (FTC) manager was the focus of the Teletrac Navman stand. Along with being a market leader in Fleet Management and Navigation, Teletrac Navman provide FTC Manager as a revolutionary solution for calculating and claiming Fuel Tax Credits. It utilises highly accurate GPS location data to track vehicle activity – on and off the public road network. It automatically calculates off-road fuel consumption, off-road idle time, and auxiliary fuel use to support high value fuel tax rebates and deliver measurable return on investment.

FTC Manager enables your business to streamline fuel tax credit claims with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and maximise claim value with full transparency and auditability.





Fortinet delivers high-performance network security solutions that protect your network, users, and data from continually evolving threats. Their broad portfolio of top-rated solutions and centralised management enables security consolidation and delivers a simplified, end-to-end security infrastructure.





Liberate unifies desk phones and mobiles in a single solution to simplify and enhance communications between teams and customers. Since call integration happens in the network, there’s an effortless handover between mobile and landline calls. The mobile phone also has versatile UC functions, so you can enjoy the best of your desk phone on the mobile for an office-like experience on the go.





The team from Cisco Meraki didn’t disappoint, they have taken network management from a centralised dashboard to a new level. The team demonstrated how easily the product is used to identify issues, control traffic and manage everyday network issues.


Business SIP

I had the opportunity to speak with Account Executives who share the front line with Telstra Partners.

The most talked about topic was Business SIP. With the NBN roll out well and truly underway and covering a large portion of the population older type technologies like ISDN2, ISDN10 and Argent services are being decommissioned.

Business SIP provides us with a fantastic solution for customers who will be forced to move off of their legacy phone lines (PSTN and ISDN). Some of the benefits include; future proofing, flexibility, scalability, operating expense intelligence, cost certainty and an ease of use interface.

I look forward to sharing this product with many of my existing customers.

I will be making Telstra Vantage an Annual Event for myself.

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