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Telstra Restructure: What T22 Means for Business Users


In June of 2018, Telstra announced a new restructure that they call T22, or Telstra2022. Now that we are well into the restructure, we wanted to take a step back and review what this restructure may mean for Telstra’s business end-users.


What is T22?

First, let’s review the purpose of this restructure.

According to Telstra’s original press release, the new structure has four key pillars:

  1. Radically simplify their product offerings, eliminate customer pain points and create all digital experiences,
  2. Establish a standalone infrastructure business to drive performance and set up optionality post the NBN rollout,
  3. Greatly simplify their structure and ways of working to empower their people and serve their customers, and
  4. Undertake Industry leading cost reduction program and portfolio management

Telstra also announced that as part of this restructure, 8,000 jobs will be cut.


What jobs are being cut, and why?

According to an article by ComputerWorld, “The telco will cut 8,000 employees and contractors over three years, with an initial focus on executive and management positions. The company will also create 1,500 new roles, many of them in areas such as software engineering and cyber security.”

For the new role creation, it appears that Telstra will be focusing on their product rather than supporting their end users. With a drastically and strategically reduced staff and a flatter structure with focus on product initiatives, this means a better quality product and higher levels of cyber security.

This is regarded as a positive direction, since focus on product quality will improve end user satisfaction and reduce support issues by focusing on the root cause.  However, where does that leave customers when they do need support?


Telstra2022 Will Rely Heavily on Partners

“We are creating a new Telstra that is able to continue to lead the market. In the future our workforce will be a smaller, knowledge-based one with a structure and way of working that is agile enough to deal with rapid change,” Telstra chief executive Andrew Penn said, via CRN

Telstra’s commitment to adapting to product and change will undoubtedly create a leaner, more knowledgeable staff, but will likely mean less managed services and longer support times. This is where strategic partners will have an opportunity to provide services to end clients. Partners, understanding the workings of Telstra, its systems and products, will be able to step in a provide the level of support that businesses need. Highly skilled, focused and dedicated support to business will come from partners stepping in and filling this need.

For a while now, Calibre One has provided expertise with our Managed Telstra Helpdesk. This is a concierge service where you entrust us to handle all Telstra support requests on your behalf. Our Telstra Managed Services Helpdesk staff have direct access into Telstra systems allowing us to support, manage, provision and procure Telstra products and solutions on your behalf. Learn More. 


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