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As a Telstra Business and Enterprise Partner, our job is to optimise your business with the very best Telstra has to offer for hardware, plans and pricing. By purchasing Telstra 4G & 5G through Calibre One, you will receive priority service from our Australian-based Telstra Support Services team who can assist with all things Telstra.

Calibre One will help you switch over your business mobiles seamlessly and offer a Managed Services Helpdesk for ongoing support. This allows you to focus on your core business confident in the knowledge you have the best support, solutions and pricing in place. 

The Potential of 5G

10x Speed

5G isn't just faster than 4G - it will be ten times faster. Imagine the dramatic effects this could have on application performance or the immersive experiences you could deliver.

1/30th Latency

Faster responses will power technologies where milliseconds count. Think 1-6ms on 5G vs 30ms on 4G.

10x Capacity

New transmission technologies means the ability to reach more people, more devices, more intelligently.

10x Scale

With new device technologies and network architectures, 5G could overcome the congestion issues in a future world of millions of connected devices per km2.

25x Spectrum

spectrum technologies like small cells and beam forming help deliver more reliable coverage than ever.

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Continued Dedication to 4G

Telstra is still also focused on their 4G technology, as Telstra grow their mobile network around Australia and upgrade it with the latest technology, they will come to a point where it is necessary to say goodbye to older technology, and to use the spectrum it was carried on to boost the performance of newer and more efficient technology.

In December 2016, Telstra switched off our 2G technology to provide more spectrum for their 4G technology. As part of their program to continually upgrade their network to the latest technology and expand our 4G and 5G coverage, Telstra announced on October 9th 2019, the eventual switch-off of our 3G technology. This will not happen until June 2024. This switch off will continue to add more capacity to the existing 4G and new 5G network.

Device Trade In
Calibre One also offer options to trade in your old devices which will be paid back as a credit on your Telstra Mobile Account, or paid via EFT.

Telstra Business Mobile Pricing Options

Calibre One can assist you in choosing the most suitable option for your Telstra business mobiles in a way that makes sense for your business, both in price and requirements.

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