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Physical security has traditionally been viewed as an unsexy and tedious topic that few want to tackle; regardless, everyone knows that safety and security must be adequately addressed. Luckily, the topic of physical security doesn’t necessarily need to inspire passion. With cutting-edge technology and the Internet of Things revolution, the world of physical security has drastically changed—making your physical office a safe space has never been easier.

What is Access Control?

An important element of your overall security is the control of access to your businesses. Calibre One offers an easy to deploy managed door access control system that can be linked to your Office365 cloud tenancy to allow central control of all your office doors, locks and even elevator access. Check these advantages of a cloud-based control system:
  • Your offices can span cities, states – even countries and allow you to configure access as you need from one cloud control panel.
  • Users can access the doors using their smartphones (both apple and android), fobs or swipe cards.
  • Manage Your Space Remotely – Run your operation in real time from anywhere, on any device. Kisi’s mobile-friendly dashboard allows you to stay in control 24/7.

Why do we need access control?

The purpose of access control is to provide quick, convenient access control for authorized persons while, at the same time, restricting access for unauthorized people. Beyond the obvious reasons, there are more reasons why access control should play a significant role in your organization:


Some companies need to be compliant with health data regulations (HIPAA) or credit card data regulations (PCI) or even with cyber standards, such as SOC2. The ability to pull compliance reports for access control, on demand, is a huge benefit.


If you have a lot of visitors or clients coming to your space, you might be looking for a welcoming experience at the front door or front desk. Access control not only improves your operations but it’s modern and impressive for visitors to use

IP / Data

If you’re working in a company on expensive products or sensitive data then you definitely want to control and monitor who enters your facility.

Kisi Door Access Control Systems

Calibre One have partnered with Kisi, a born in the cloud physical access security company. The Kisi cloud platform fully integrates with platforms like Office 365 to enable customers to run both physical and virtual security using the one set of user credentials. Here’s a quick look at some of the Kisi unlock methods:

The Kisi solution provide a full set of features:


Kisi uses Bluetooth on iPhone and NFC on Android to unlock your doors


Connect Kisi’s groups to your CRM or Active directory to automatically provision access rights.


Hybrid mode’ allows a smartphone to unlock the door even when it’s offline


Unlock the door using your company managed identity service.


Keep your space secure – no unlock events can take place when lockdown mode is enabled.


Authorise a second administrator to send a mobile key to your new employee’s smartphone..


Keep all event logs in one place and get real-time information while you’re off-site.


Send temporary keys to guests and visitors. The keys automatically active and expire at set times.


Easily manage multiple places and administrators across your facilities on Kisi’s mobile Dashboard


Manage critical electronic components from your dashboard.

If you have multiple sites across the country, or the planet, if you are looking for a solution where you can virtualise your physical keys, or your non-cloud based or connected security system, Kisi may be the answer you are looking for. With 128bit AES Encrypted passes or tags you can be assured that you will have the flexibility of cloud with all the best security standards to follow. For more information on how Kisi works, watch this 2-minute video: The Kisi platform provides a cloud management portal, wall readers and a Kisi controller per site. Calibre One can assist in quoting, fitting and deploying all of these devices for you as well as connecting your Office 365 platform with your Kisi platform so that you can manage both physical and virtual security from the one user database.

Where to start

Calibre One can assist your business by conducting an audit of your physical access and security. We also can provide consultation and advice on the design that best fits you. If this is something that you would like to discuss with us further, then complete the below form and one of our team will connect with you shortly.

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