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Security Awareness Training

Has your organisation ever suffered a data breach? No matter how up to date your security technology, your last line of defense is always your users. Are your employees prepared? 91% of successful data breaches start with a spear phishing attack, which is a cyber attack that targets a specific organization or individual, seeking unauthorised access to sensitive information. 10-15% of phishing attacks making it through standard email filters. Additionally, ransomware has increased 229% since 2017 with nearly 100K attacks daily. About 30% of data breaches are caused by repeated offenders.
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Questions to consider:

    • Has your organization suffered a data breach?
    • How often do your users click on phishing links?
    • How often are your workstations infected?
    • Do you need to comply with regulations (PCI, HIPPA,etc.)?
    • What are you currently doing to train and phish your users?
With proper security awareness training, your chances of being prone to a phishing attack decrease significantly.

Duration & frequency

One size does not fit all, therefore this solution includes on-premises security seminars, online training videos, weekly newsletters to ensure that this training is top of mind and gamified training to ensure that the training is both absorbed, and even fun. Security is a journey and not a destination. You can never say “I am safe now”. Threat landscape is evolving every day, therefore training has to be tailored to existing threats, reducing risks to the business. Online videos go from 2-3 minutes up to 45 minutes. This should normally be taken every month or two. On-premise security seminar are tailored to every businesses. However they typically last for 45-60 minutes. This normally is conducted every year.
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Why Calibre One?

Calibre One have nearly 2,000 customers, from small, to medium and large corporations and government organisations. We see what threats every one of them are facing every day. Calibre One also has a dedicated security team who monitor customers’ infrastructure 24×7.  In-house developed a Cloud Intelligence Solution to proactively stop brute force attacks.


  • For companies up to 200 seats, the cost is $39 per user per year
  • For companies with more than 200 seats, the cost is $29 per user per year

Included with your training

In addition to the catered training you receive from Calibre One, we also provide you with a Platinum Security Licence from KnowBe4, a Gartner Selected Market Leader. This license includes the following components:
  • Unlimited phishing security tests
  • Automated security awareness program
  • Security ‘hints ^ tips’
  • Training Access level I, II and II (including more than 700 video interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters)
  • Automated training campaigns
  • Phish Alert Button
  • Phishing Reply Tracking
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Virtual Risk Officer
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Vishing security test (Voice phishing)
  • Smart Groups
  • Security Roles
  • USB Drive Test
  • AIDA (Artificial intelligence-driven Agent) : simulated multi-faceted social engineering attack using email, phone, and SMS messaging
Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training

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