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What is the Calibre One Private Cloud solution?

Private Clouds can be anything from a few dedicated virtual servers hosting an application, to an extension of your own on-premises infrastructure for reliability and scalability, or even a full corporate network freeing you of the hassle of owning and maintaining your own servers. Whatever your needs, Calibre One has the solutions to meet your requirements. We provide custom Private Cloud Solutions that bring you the reliability, scalability and cost efficiencies of cloud computing while keeping your data local and secure. We do this by providing you with a private partition on our infrastructure, which contains all the resources required to provision services – Compute, Storage, Network and Security
Rest assured that your data never leaves Adelaide. South Australian Law and jurisdiction keep you protected.Built-in enterprise security from the edge of the network, storage and hypervisions right down to the data centre racks.We’ll never access your data, and you’re entitled to ask for a copy at any time – no exceptions. It’s in our service agreement.9am – 5pm? No way! Our team is available to provide expert support when you actually need it – 24x7x365.

About the platform

C1 Cloud Services’ new Gen2 cloud platform has been built using Openstack technology and provides easy expansion to accommodate projected future demand. Additionally, it provides our Calibre One engineers with instant provisioning, management and control across all virtual instances. Openstack is hugely popular, attracting users such as Adobe and NASA. We also have word that Telstra is rolling it out as part of their provider edge network virtualisation strategy. The platform can provide geographical redundancy and data back-up. Inter-site communications are underpinned by dark fibre connecting all Calibre One Data Centre infrastructure together. Platform management and specialist design of the core hosting platform is managed by Caznet. A range of other vendor partners have been used within the solution including Dell Servers, Fortinet firewall and security products and, Cisco for core switching and routing. The infrastructure has an N+2 architecture which allows us to take components out of service for maintenance purposes and still maintain a fully fault tolerant N+1 system. Most providers only go with N+1, the minimum required for fault tolerance. The design can also provide for compute (virtual servers) as well as on demand storage (like Amazon S3) etc. Of course, our platform is also covered by Calibre One’s standard service level agreement giving you piece of mind that your data and applications are in safe hands, see Calibre One SLA Service page for full details.

Platform Location

Our IaaS Platform lives in the Your DC Edinburgh Parks, features of this location include;
  • Purpose-built Data Centre, the newest and by far the best in South Australia
  • Adelaide’s only facility built to Tier-3 specifications
  • Outside flight paths and flood plains
  • Capacity to grow with 800 Racks built as individual rooms of 20
  • High physical security including biometrics
  • Onsite security personnel
  • N+1 on all systems with N+2 Architecture
  • Excellent PUE (Power Efficiency) and Environmental
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Carrier Neutral facility
  • Dark Fibre Available
  • Private WAN services are available nationally
  • Dark Fibre is available for point-to-point connections between two sites


Our platform has been built for scalability to you can purchase resources as required when required, there are no lock-in contract options available so you can scale up and down as your requirements change.

Pay As You Go Services

Datacentre Backup /500g$25.00
DC – Cross Connector monthly$120.00
Cross Connector SETUP$325.00
DC – Fixed IP$3.30
DC – Network Traffic / gb$0.19
DC RAM/gb$8.50
DC – SAS Data Blocks /gb$0.15
DC SATA Data Blocks$0.08
DC Hosting – vCPU-WIN$37.50

Virtual Computer Bundles

DC Firewall VDOM appliance$36.00
VM c1.large-Win (4/8g/150g)$276.80
VM c1.medium-Win (2/4g/150g)$150.10
Vm c1.small-Win (1/2g/150g)$86.75
Vm c1.xlarge-Win (4/16g/150g)$365.20
Vm c1.xxlarge-Win (8/32g/150g)$707.00
Vm c1.xxxlarge-Win (8/64g/150g)$1,060.00
Pricing quoted is ex GST

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