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Privacy Policy

Calibre One Privacy Policy

Calibre One is committed to protecting the privacy of its staff and clients, ensuring that all information is safe and secure. Calibre One collects personal and sensitive information for the primary purpose of delivering our services and products. We may also use personal information in secondary purposes, related to the primary purpose, where it would be reasonably expected that such information to be used or disclosed, or where required or authorised by law.

Personal and sensitive information

Personal information includes information or opinion that could reasonably identify an individual, including but not limited to: Names, signatures, credit information, and phone numbers. Sensitive information is personal information that includes, but no limited to, information or opinion about an individual’s ethnicity, criminal record, trade union membership, religious beliefs, or political views.

What information does Calibre One collect and why?

Calibre One will collect information for the primary purposes of delivering our catalogue of service and products. Data will also be collected for secondary purposes, including marketing, product and service improvement, service development and security. The exact information that Calibre One collects will depend on the services Calibre One has been engaged to deliver to you, as well as the exact relationship you have with us as a customer. This may include standard information such as name, contact details (e.g. phone/email), username/password, and financial information (e.g. credit card). More detailed information may include: How you use your services & ICT environments: Including usage of equipment, communications with Calibre One, location information, websites accessed, and usernames. Technical Information: Including device specification, serial numbers, usernames & passwords, Operating System versions, ICT configuration settings, and IP addresses. Financial Information: Including credit reporting, payment history, and service history. You may need to supply Calibre One with information on other individuals (e.g. the name of your account’s authorised representative), in which case you must have advised them of this policy and that their information is being supplied to Calibre One. Third parties used by Calibre One or accessed through Calibre One’s services will deal with your personal information according to their own privacy policy and legal requirements.

How is information collected?

Information is collected in three ways:
  • You provide it to us: when you or a representative interacts with Calibre One.
  • We collect it: when you use or interact with Calibre One or our services.
  • We collect information from a third party: such as credit reporting, fraud services or partners you have interacted with.
If you do not wish to provide information to us, then this may mean we are unable to provide a product or service that you have requested.

How is information stored?

Information is stored by Calibre One and its partners, in both hard copy and electronic methods. There are controls in place, including technical and procedural, to limit the risk of unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure of your information. Information will be retained as required to deliver our services but may be retained for longer periods for legal requirements or other legitimate business needs.

Access to your information.

You have a right to request a copy of the information we hold about you, as well as to request we update inaccurate information. There is no charge to make an access or change request, however and administration fee may apply to provide you the information. Requests can be made using the web form at:

Unsolicited personal information.

When Calibre One receives unsolicited personal information, where there is no legitimate means to retain or use said information, it will take necessary steps to destroy said information. If this constitutes a privacy or safety risk, then Calibre One will attempt to notify the affected parties.

Privacy Complaints

If you wish to make a privacy complaint you can do so by using the web form at We will endeavour to have investigated and resolved your issue within 30 days of submission. If more time is required, we will contact you and provide an estimation of the time frame where practical. Whilst we hope we can solve any complaints in a straightforward manner, we acknowledge that you may wish to contact any relevant regulatory bodies.

Contacting us

If you wish to contact us regarding this statement, or privacy concerns with Calibre One, you can contact us on 1300 422 542 or via our contact web form at Updates This statement will be updated from time to time. The latest copy can be obtained at:
Endeavour House 5W
11-15 Fourth Ave
Mawson Lakes SA 5095