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Poly’s Office 365 enabled devices exemplify modern workplace hardware

Modern office communication systems should be universally accessible, easy to set up, and create a seamless calling experience regardless of what device you are using; be that a handset, laptop, desktop or mobile.

Unified communications solutions have been around for a while, but they can be complex, expensive and require many systems being tied together in order to achieve fluid communication both inside and outside of an organisation.

During our upcoming event series discussing the latest communication features Microsoft has brought to Office 365, we’ll also be sharing news about Poly’s range of desk phones, headsets and conference room solutions that are ideally matched to the communication features of Office 365 and its new Telstra Calling capabilities.


Uniting Communication in your Organisation

The digital communications capabilities we use on our mobile and computing devices shouldn’t be separate from the desktop phones that occupy important spaces in our offices, yet so many businesses have separate email, interoffice chat, video calling and telephony solutions in place.

Microsoft Teams and Telstra calling for Office 365 combines all of those elements for a complete office communications suite, into which Poly’s handset and conferencing devices interface directly with. This allows users to transition seamlessly to any device they want to use, from wherever they are working with an internet connection.

This all-in-one approach allows any user with an Office 365 account to transition seamlessly to any device they want to use, from wherever they are working with an internet connection.

This approach is particularly effective for organisations that span multiple sites, and where workers are often on the move, because it ensures everyone is connected consistently with access to the same broad suite of services.


How a Darwin-Based Not-For-Profit uses Poly with Telstra Calling for Office 365

Somerville Community Services is one such organisation with highly adaptive and user-friendly communication requirements. The Darwin-based community not-for-profit provides disability services, family counselling and support services, and financial services to those most in need in the community as well as in the surrounding areas of Palmerston and Katherine.

The organisation is currently working with Calibre One on an 18-site, 300-seat Office 365 migration that will have all staff connected using Teams with Telstra Calling for Office 365. Somerville has additionally made a hardware investment in Poly’s desktop phones, conference and boardroom phones and user headsets, which will mean standard devices across the whole organisation are linked directly with user Office 365 accounts.


Here’s a quick overview of the hardware:

The Poly VVX 411 desktop phone devices feature colour displays, HD voice, web-based provisioning, 12 lines or speed dial keys, supports VVX expansion modules, and Office 365 Cloud PBX interoperability,

Polycom Trios are designed for organisations looking to kit out small-to-medium sized conference rooms using IP voice. They come with a slew of features, including a 127mm colour touch screen, one-touch-join to meeting through Outlook calendar integration and can be upgraded to host video collaboration sessions.

The Poly CCX500, designed specifically for Teams

Those Office integrations are key for Somerville’s system administration and ICT manager Jannie Bacus, who says the organisation’s separate office locations – each with separate systems and devices – created an inconsistent communication experience in terms of connectivity and device capability.

“We’ve got several offices spread out in Darwin, Palmerston, Katherine and we’re expanding to Alice Springs, they’ve all had disparate separate systems. So for us it is about having a unified communications system that also ties in with other forms of communication, primarily email,” she says.

Having their devices tied into the Microsoft cloud ecosystem is important for Somerville. Being no longer reliant on on-premises hardware alleviates concerns around maintenance, management, remote connectivity, and has an added benefit specifically related to the region each Somerville team works in.

“It was about having centralised management, the Office 365 upgrade gave us some options around having a cloud infrastructure as opposed to an on-premises infrastructure. In Darwin we had cyclone Markus blow through last year, which had quite an impact on services because we were reliant on on-premises hardware, which went down at the time,” Bacus says.

“We wanted something that was more robust and that would be available at locations and have off-site functionality. Communication is key to us providing services and, particularly in times like a cyclone, we may be relied on more so than usual. So making sure we can still communicate is definitely a key part of that.”

A shift to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud for productivity and communications was the move that would solve Somerville’s concerns around interconnectivity and uptime, which made Poly’s cloud-ready devices that are deeply integrated with Office 365 the logical choice for calling and conferencing devices.

“We also wanted something that was consistent across all our sites, that was easy to manage in a centralised platform.”

We’d love to share more with you about how Poly and Microsoft Office 365 are a great match for your modern workplace. To register for one of our free modern workplace events in October, please click here:

Here are the location options and dates:

  1. Adelaide – Adelaide Oval, 10th of October at 11am.
  2. Alice Springs – Mercure Hotel Resort, 15th of October at 1pm.
  3. Darwin – Oaks Elan Hotel, 17th of October at 8am.

We hope to see you there!

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