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How we Helped Perks Hotels Achieve Operational Security

I first met with Ashley off the back end of a poor experience with another dealer regarding their IT Support, this meant two things:

  1. It wasn’t going to be hard to improve on where they were
  2. It was going to be very difficult to build trust in the short term

I was lucky in the sense that the Perks team didn’t have a lot of options due to their immediate short term need, along with a requirement for billing to be on the Telstra account – part of their existing Telstra spend agreement.

This meant Ashley and his team were quite dubious and on the lookout for the typical Salesperson trying to flog what they can. This is not me at all, and Ashley soon realised this.

I took the time to understand the Perks business and uncover what they needed, even though they didn’t 100% have a full picture of what solution was required.

I followed a process that started with the initial requirement to resolve their immediate requirements – IT Support. Once Ashley was comfortable with this I worked through the Telstra side of things – they needed to convert older technology (ISDN) as this was entering a managed disconnection stage and started the process to connect the replacing technology.

Each hotel was moved from existing copper infrastructure to Telstra Business SIP either over a dedicated 2M fibre or NBN. Additionally, each site had an ageing phone system the Calibre One replaced with a new NEC SV9100.

Once the short term and medium term requirements had been sorted, we started working on a future proof long term solution to improve their network and server needs including moving a number of programs to Cloud, i.e. email through Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint for their intranet.

This relationship was easy to build – a bit of candour, honesty and straight to the point conversations. Customers simply want to know what they’re in for and what is it going to cost and if you have the right solution it isn’t a hard sell.

To see the full breadth of what we did for Perks Hotels, as well as the results, see our full case study:

Read the full Perks Hotel case study here. 


I hope you enjoy this case study as much as we enjoyed the project!

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