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You may remember when time ago I discussed or presented you with the worst passwords in 2017. And you have heard many times about keeping your passwords secure, don’t reuse them, and blah, blah blah…

At the same time, you probably are accessing news websites or you are subscribed to news websites to get the latest news.

The popular site NewsNow had a possible breach and as a consequence of that, they decided to ditch all passwords.



Now you may be thinking, hang on, from one side I heard that I should keep my stuff secure, keeping the passwords for myself and don’t re-use them, and now you are telling me not to use passwords at all? How does it make my email or application secure? Well, in the case of NewsNow they will be implementing a system where when you subscribe yourself the system will send you an email with a link to confirm your subscription, this will prevent storing and knowing any new password.

However, if you have a personal or work email account, online banking or any other online service which you may want to protect, find out if the service offers you the possibility of enabling a second-factor authentication. Big companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are already offering this on their accounts. Some of them are free while others you have to pay an extra if you are using a work-related account.

If you want to know more about multi-factor authentication, just take a minute a revisit my “Why should I use Multi-Factor Authentication?” post.

In the meantime, be safe out there and until the next Malware Monday.

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