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One fewer botnet in the world!

We have discussed the existence of botnets around the world, their use and how they were threatening devices connected to the Internet. If you do not remember that, just click here to read before proceeding.

There is not only one botnet around the world, but there are many and they are each used for a different purpose. Some of them for sending spam, thousands if not millions of emails, while others are used for compromise devices, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, etc.

Today we are glad to know that the French police have destroyed one of them. This one, specifically, is email-based botnet which hidden in their emails promised erotic photographs or get-rich-quick schemes, infecting more than 850,000 computers around the world, creating an international botnet that was mainly controlled from France.

Hackers were able to remotely control those affected computers and use them to mine cryptocurrency and export money through ransomware. Infected USB drives were also used to spread the virus, which struck Windows-operating system in over 100 countries, hitting hardest in Central and South America.

Following a tip-off from antivirus software Avast, France’s digital crime-fighting centre C3N was able to locate and dismantle a pirate server near Paris, which was used to send out the virus.

As you can see, email is still the prefered method for malware to reach your computer, infect it and use it for the botnet purposes… For that reason, be vigilant on all your emails, and before clicking anything, Stop, and think before you click..

And as always, be safe out there and until the next Malware Monday.

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