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NT Keno  Increases Game Reliability, Enhances Data Visibility, and Reduces Costs by Switching to Cloud

I first met with the NT Keno team along with Telstra back in 2018. At the time, they were running into difficulties with data visibility and moving sites.

NT Keno’s Challenges

When we met, the NT Keno platform had been operating over an MPLS network that was becoming difficult for their IT Team to manage. Setting up new sites, moving sites and having automated failovers was no simple feat, and, in some cases, would take up to 3-4 months to accomplish.

Added to this was the further complication of the IT Team having very little visibility into data that were traversing their network. There was also no visibility into potential issues that would otherwise need to be looked at. They were basically only notified if one of their 70+ sites were down or up.

Bringing NT Keno to the Cloud

In our discussions, we worked through these key pain points and discussed a strategy to overcome these challenges. The Calibre One and Telstra teams worked with Cisco Meraki to come up with a software defined networking solution that would overcome all of the above challenges, and present the customer with a beautiful interface full of meaningful and live information that would enable both the NT Keno and Calibre One team to effectively support these 70+ sites.

The project also included Telstra and Calibre One working with NBN to deploy over 60 of the 70 sites with NBN services. These services varied in the way they connected: some were connected through fibre to the premise, some to the node or basement, and others were Wireless. We were met with challenges along the way where additional cabling requirements at each of the Keno locations were required to ensure that things like mobile back-ups would work effectively, but each challenge was efficiently overcome.

NT Keno Today

The new NT Keno network has since been operational since the start of 2019, and we have already seen different and interesting outages where the SD-WAN environment has kicked in automated backups and continued to operate without failure and ensured that the Keno network stays live. The IT Team now have full visibility of this both at a dashboard level as well as automated alerts, allowing them to work more proactively.

Now the NT Keno system is fully operational with limited downtime, not to mention all at a lower telecommunications and networking cost than what they were previously paying for an unreliable network!

Click Here to read the full NT Keno story.

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