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NT Government announces a Business Economic Stimulus Package of $20 million: Here’s How to Use Your Share

Yesterday, the NT Government announced a package of $20 million to businesses in order to stimulate the economy. This Business Improvement Scheme will grant all eligible businesses $10,000 immediately. As an added incentive, if businesses spend $10,000 of their own money on business upgrades, they will receive an additional $10,000. So you can receive $10,000 with no money spent, or $20,000 for spending $10,000.

Exciting, right? Now comes the real question: What do you spend it on?

Many businesses know that they need to upgrade, but oftentimes it’s difficult to understand which upgrades will generate the most impact or ROI. To answer this common question, we put together a list of the best uses for this sum of money.

Here is how you can best utilise your share:

Teams Migrations

Now, more than ever, it is important to be able to work from anywhere. With more and more businesses moving to Work From Home, it’s extremely important to ensure that your staff stay connected.

We recommend Microsoft Teams. Teams is an incredible collaboration tool that will provide your staff with the tools they need to work collaboratively and efficiently, wherever they may be. When connected with Telstra, we get Telstra Calling for Office 365.

Telstra Calling for Office 365 is a cloud-based voice calling service for Microsoft Office 365. Make calls to landlines or mobiles from Microsoft Teams. Through this service, you can use your existing numbers, and remove the complexity of managing a dedicated PSTN telephony network.

Security Awareness Training

With Malware and Phishing on the rise, your last defense in security are your staff.

91% of successful data breaches start with a spear phishing attack, which is a cyber attack that targets a specific organization or individual, seeking unauthorised access to sensitive information. 10-15% of phishing attacks making it through standard email filters. Do your staff know how to differentiate between legitimate and these phishing emails? If not, one simple click could put your entire company at risk.

By investing in Security Awareness Training, you can ensure that your company is secure, and that your staff are fully trained.

In addition to the catered training you receive from Calibre One, we also provide you with a Platinum Security Licence from KnowBe4, a Gartner Selected Market Leader.

Navman Fleet Tracking

Are you currently relying on redundant methods of capturing data, manual documents, verbal communication and the human element hear-say? Why not enable a fleet tracking solution instead, so that you can make faster and better operational decisions? (Beyond 187% return on my investment whilst complying with Federal WHS legislations!)

By deploying a fleet tracking solution could enable you to gather vehicle data and accurate business intelligence 24/7 via Teletrac Navman.

Through this Fleet Tracking Management solution, you will have real time location access from anywhere on any device, true and accurate second-by-second data, dashboards and KPIs, reports, real time communication, and so much more.

Other Investments

We offer many other services, and also highly recommend using your funding for the following:

  • SharePoint OneDrive migrations
  • Boardroom VC enablement
  • New mobile and tablet devices,
  • New PC Rollouts


If you’re not sure what you need, our team is here to help! Contact us here and a member of our staff will reach out to help you understand your top opportunities, and the best use of this funding for your business needs.


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