New NBN Scam on the Horizon

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New NBN Scam on the Horizon

You may have heard thousands of time by now of scammers trying to impersonate ATO employees who are willing to push you to get your money in some shape or form. Also from Centrelink, Human Services and many other organizations.

The last one comes from the NBN where scammers are impersonating its staff asking for payment of a service that you will never receive.

For your information, NBN does not sell directly to the public as they are wholesale-only. If you want to get any NBN services you need to go to any of the telcos offering NBN such as Telstra, so these types of offerings will always be a scam, unless NBN undergoes a major business change.

As another reminder, nobody will ask you to pay an iTunes gift card debt over the phone! Be really aware of this.

Be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.