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For the longest time, businesses have gone to dedicated physical security providers for their CCTV needs. The rollout and configuration of cameras, monitoring devices, recording and storage systems have traditionally been thought of as outside the scope of your IT providers’ remit, despite the infrastructure sharing similarities to that used within a computer network. 

Well, things have changed. Now, organisations everywhere are recognising that the underlying infrastructure that supports modern physical security and IT systems are the same, and that physical security should be treated with the same diligence as cybersecurity.  

There are obvious benefits for visual security and monitoring systems to be managed by the same team that provides your email, cloud and cybersecurity solutions. 

As CCTV solutions shift from analogue to digital, they are supported by the same solutions that IT providers design and deploy, such as compute devices; fixed and wireless networking services; data protection, storage and management systems; and cloud services. 

That’s why it’s increasingly common for customers, particularly those with modern, agile technology requirements, to look to their managed services provider for new physical security solutions. 


Benefits of IT-Delivered CCTV

By choosing a technology professional for CCTV security, customers will gain access to a wider range of services that are perfectly suited to a modern workplace. Here are a few more key features of an IT-delivered CCTV solution:

  • Cloud-enabled cameras
    When CCTV cameras are deeply integrated with IT and connected to the cloud, they can be monitored and controlled from any authorised device on your network, be it PC, mobile or tablet.
  • High-resolution digital recording
    Gone are the days of fuzzy, indistinguishable footage. An IT-led CCTV system can provide you with a system that delivers clean, high-resolution captures, monitoring what goes on at your sites with great visual clarity. 
  • Digital storage in the cloud
    While CCTV systems capture what has taken place, businesses need to think carefully about where that footage is stored. In the event of a traditional CCTV solution being damaged in a fire or a robbery, footage may be unrecoverable. 
  • Remote alerting
    Don’t wait 24 hours to find out if something dubious is occurring at your workplace. Remote alerting based on motion and other sensors can be delivered to you instantly and inexpensively over the internet.
  • Cloud dashboards
    Manage, control and monitor all of your devices across multiple sites from a single device.
  • Cybersecurity-grade SSL encryption
    Why should your physical and CCTV security system be any less robust than the cybersecurity measures provided by your IT expert? With IT leading CCTV, you can gain enterprise-spec SSL encryption on traffic transmitted between monitoring devices.

Having physical security provided by your dedicated MSP ensures a modern solution that will be integrated with your centralised IT infrastructure, as opposed to a mix of hardware that is roughly bolted on, poorly optimised and out of step with the modern workplace. 


CyberSecurity and Physical Building Security

As well as thinking about visual monitoring and CCTV solutions, customers should also think about how some of the cybersecurity functions they are already familiar with should extend into the realm of their physical security.

IT has even begun to play a big hand in physical security, by regulating access to secure buildings, using cloud-enabled devices to replace keys and key cards in buildings.

For example, the Kisi cloud platform fully integrates with platforms like Office 365 to enable customers to run both physical and virtual security using the one set of user credentials. This IT-driven layer of physical building security is referred to as Site Access and Control, and is a service that is also offered by Calibre One.

Learn More about Site Access and Control


IT Powered Security

Those solutions will need to be supported by IT systems that not only power that digital experience with compute and networking services, but also store and protect personal credentials with highly resilient cybersecurity systems.

As the lines between cybersecurity and physical security become blurred, customers should side with an IT provider to ensure they are protected by modern, agile solutions that form part of their wider IT infrastructure.

Check out the modern, agile CCTV solutions Calibre One can provide to your business.

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