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NBN Pre Install Checklist

It’s one thing to place an order to convert your services to the NBN, it’s an entirely different matter to make sure that your business is adequately prepared for the transition. My aim is to provide a checklist of the important things you should consider as your business transitions to the NBN. As in anything you do in your life, preparation is key.

“By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail” ~ Benjamin Franklin

By adequately preparing for your NBN installation, you will have a positive and seamless transition that minimizes associated downtime and impact to your business, and delivers you a new technology that you can take advantage of.

So why listen to me?

As a member of the Telstra Support Team at Calibre one my role primarily specialises in NBN transitions. I have worked in telecommunications with Telstra for over 10 years, specialising in fixed lines and telephony equipment installation. I have been there from the beginning of NBN, involved in simple 1-4 lines transfers and more complex large-scale transitions. Throughout this time, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the transition process, the key factor to preventing the bad from going ugly is preparation.

Be prepared and responsive to change

In business, especially in the technology sector, one of the major constants is change.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” ~ Charles Darwin

With that sentiment, my first tip is to embrace the technology change and the benefits this can provide to your business, I can assure you your competitors are.

As with any change it is necessary to take the time to plan so that you can ultimately be successful in your execution and delivery. Unfortunately, in some cases there isn’t as much time as you’d like to adequately go through the steps of preparation. Every area has an imposed government regulated cut-off time, this means that services will be disconnected which can leave your business off the air, and we don’t want that. By taking steps towards early migration you can eliminate time being a factor.


Know your Telephony services

One of the first steps in preparation is to have a close look at your telephony services and clearly identify how they are used in your business. It’s a great time audit your services and streamline your operations; you may find that some services can be disconnected, there is a better technology available to serve your business or you may find better pricing for your existing plans.

Some key services to look out for are:

  • Security Alarm Lines
  • Fax lines.

Talk to your Security and EFTPOS providers about a more efficient, or cost-effective, solution based on your business needs and usage. Most of these services can be moved to mobile technology. Depending on how your use your Fax, you may find an alternative can be to move to online based platforms, which allow you to send and receive via email saving you time and money.


Check your telephony equipment for NBN compatibility

Once you have a clear picture of how your lines are used the next focus is your telephony equipment. In some instances, older equipment may not be able to successfully transition, and it might be time for an upgrade. You will need to confirm with your PABX provider if the system you have is compatible with NBN service and what, if any, system limitations the migration will impose. The good news in this scenario is that most phone systems are capable of NBN technology with the right adaptor, this can be provided with your installation.


Don’t forget about your IT needs

Another consideration is your company’s IT requirements and how the transition will affect that aspect of the business. Not all routers are made the same. I strongly recommend consulting with your IT company to ensure that you have the right system in place.


Don’t forget about other types of services

There are other types of phone lines not mentioned above, these include fire safety lines, lift lines and emergency-based services. In some cases, these services cannot be transitioned to the NBN and this needs to be a consideration in your migration plan. Talking to your company’s communication expert is a great place to start to ensure these vital services aren’t affected.


Have a back-up plan

My last piece of advice is to have a back-up plan in place. This should include your telephony and internet services. If all hell breaks loose how would your company continue its operations? At a minimum you should have wireless internet device compatible with your Company Servers and a spare mobile on the ready. On a larger scale there are devices that can assist you to maintain normal operations of your services should this be needed.


Hire a company that’s done it before

While you can prepare yourself for an NBN install, its often much less stressful to hire a company that been through it before to guide you. If you need any assistance with your business transition the Calibre One Team are always more than willing to help and guide you in the right direction.


If You’d Would Like Help With Selecting Internet Access Or To Get Pricing Options, Visit Our Telstra Business Grade Internet Service Page Today!

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