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MPLS Networks

As a Telstra Enterprise partner, Calibre One can implement and manage your Wide Area Networks. Using Telstra MPLS, Fibre, mobile or other technologies we can deliver your data anywhere in Australia. In today’s connected world, your networks are key to business performance, but they need to keep pace with a constantly changing environment. All too often, network technologies restrict business initiatives rather than support them. More than ever, it’s essential to integrate your network strategy with your business strategy. Telstra has the right network to help you thrive in a dynamic market. It gives you the ability to adapt in real time thus helping give your business the freedom to grow and succeed in a fast-changing marketplace.

What is MPLS?

A Multiprotocol Label Switching networking (MPLS) is able to provide secure transmission of data, and in many cases, apply a quality of service (QoS) so that specific traffic, such as voice and video, can be prioritised. If your business is running on a centralised server infrastructure, then utilising Telstra MPLS technology can provide you with access to the largest fibre network in Australia, as well as secure access to Australia’s largest mobile network. It is supported with an enterprise service level agreement guaranteeing you the uptime you need. For customers that require global network integration, Telstra’s network extends via its core subsea network to cover over 400,000 km. They have 58 Data Centres and licenses in Asia, Europe and the Americas, with access to over 2,000 Points of Presence (PoPs) in more than 200 countries and territories globally.

How does MPLS work?

Telstra MPLS networking is designed to deliver data using the Internet Protocol (IP) on a secure virtual private network (VPN) from one site to a single or multiple sites on your network at your chosen speed. Telstra provide you the necessary access, on-premise equipment and management components to connect you to a virtual private network on our IP Wide Area Network (IP WAN) and IP Metropolitan Area Network (IP MAN) solutions for a simple per-site charge on a monthly fee basis. You can choose from a range of features to suit your business needs. Based on your choices, Telstra and Calibre One will work together to supply you the following elements to enable your MPLS solution:
  • Network access solutions – based on site criticality and importance, you have a choice of access types and speeds. Depending on your reliability and throughput requirements, you can choose from Ethernet, BDSL, ADSL, NBN, Mobile and Satellite network access.
  • As well as delivery via Telstra’s extensive access network, you can also have NBN fibre and wireless network access in available locations.
  • Telstra IP Wide Area Network connectivity – a secure, fully managed, Internet Protocol/Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) network based on our sophisticated Telstra Next IP® network and Telstra Mobile Network.
  • Networking hardware – including network terminating equipment, router, switches and SD-WAN options. Calibre One can also provide optional consultation, deployment & configuration, and support for your on-premise equipment as well as back-up options.
  • Network monitoring tools – improves network and application performance visibility across networking and managed devices, covering your Telstra MPLS solution including remote and on-site devices. This includes proactive device, network and user monitoring options.
  • Helpdesk support – Calibre One can provide single point of contact and reference number for components of your Telstra MPLS services as well as other Telstra services you may have on a 24/7 basis.
  • Centralised Internet Gateway – provides you with secure connectivity to the Internet via Telstra Internet Direct with the ability to integrate your firewall with centralised SD-WAN solution.
Telstra MPLS Networking is structured by access type and management level. While maintaining overall solution simplicity, these choices offer you a degree of flexibility based on your current requirements as well as providing a clear path and opportunity to grow in the future.

Deployment and Project Management

When deploying the MPLS networks, the scale of the project normally includes multiple parties such as Telstra, NBN, Landlords, Site Contacts, Equipment Vendors and others. Calibre One offers a full range of services to assist customers in migrating to their new MPLS networking solution. These services include;
  • Consultation
  • Network Readiness Assessments
  • Solution Design and Migration Planning
  • Platform Customisations
  • User and Network Security Planning
  • Implementation Services, and
  • Training and Ongoing Support.
As a Telstra Gold Enterprise Partner, and a Microsoft Gold partner, Calibre One have a wealth of knowledge and experience than encompasses communications, networking and IT infrastructure. We Calibre One can deliver practical guidance and strong capability to our customers when choosing, designing and implementing these solutions. Don’t just take our word for it, see our selection of customer stories and case studies that we have published on our website. If you are looking where to start, or just want options and ideas, then complete the below form and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

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