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Modernising the Workplace through Microsoft Office 365

The term modern workplace has bobbed around in business vocabulary for quite some time now, but the solutions associated with a modernised office are usually adopted by larger organisations and the enterprise, which have the scale and resources to support a highly architected, multi-vendor solution.

However, with new technologies and the support of faster networks in Australia, we now see that the small to mid-market has the opportunity to make the first steps to transform their business processes with greater ease and agility.

A modern workplace is often described as incorporating features like:

  • Decoupling workers from desks and desktop computers
  • Removing manual and paper-based accountability processes
  • Making phone systems and communication tools fluid and accessible anywhere
  • Using digital collaboration tools
  • Defining networks virtually rather than physically
  • Centralising data while also making it secure and universally accessible to those in an organisation

In our upcoming event series we’ll be showing organisations how they can use new and existing Microsoft Office 365 solutions to transform the communication and collaboration experiences for users both inside and outside of their companies.

One company that is already enjoying modern workplace success is geotechnical services firm HiQA Geotechnical.


How HiQA Geotechnical Achieves a Modern Workplace Through Office 365

HiQA Geotechnical runs an operation that serves Darwin, Alice Springs, Katherine and Tennant Creek. With about 35 team members, many of which are often on the move, the company needed a way to virtualise their office environment, keep everyone connected and remove hefty hardware requirements that previously limited the potential of internal and external collaboration.

HiQA Geotechnical’s first major office transformation with Microsoft started with moving all email hosting to Office 365 in the cloud in 2014. Later the company migrated its data off local virtual servers and into SharePoint. Most recently, HiQA Geotechnical have adopted Telstra Calling for Office 365 with Microsoft Teams as central to its communication and collaboration experience.

In addition to shedding multiple layers of on-premises infrastructure, the result is that HiQA Geotechnical team members now need only an internet connection to access company files, use the company’s telephony systems, and access the entire Office 365 productivity suite from wherever they are working.

Dan Gaunt, Operations Manager and ICT Coordinator at HiQA Geotechnical, says the arrival of Teams on Telstra Calling for Office 365 has dramatically changed the communication experience of the company.

“We had been using Teams for internal use, but I had to wait for the technology to evolve to move away from our traditional phone systems. But when it did, we moved our whole voice and video communications into the cloud. Now our entire phone system, for internal and external use is in the cloud,” says Gaunt.

While many HiQA Geotechnical team members regularly work out of the office and remotely, Gaunt says the way they connect from outside head office is comprehensively integrated into the company’s entire system.

“All of my technicians out in the field have tablets with Microsoft Teams and they can communicate and collaborate with people, either back in the main offices or otherwise. With SharePoint of course they can also access company data wherever they are.”

HiQA Geotechnical is also using Teams to broadcast important training and enablement content to its workforce, running virtual classrooms that are accessible to team members from wherever they are. In March, the company ran its annual conference and was able to broadcast the opening addresses and all the sessions company-wide using Teams.

“Ultimately as a communication and collaboration tool we now use Teams for everything,” says Gaunt. “For chat, video calls, for sharing documents. We also do the vast majority of our meetings using Teams and OneNote.”

Gaunt has put in the work to make sure HiQA Geotechnical team members are making the most of the benefits Teams and Telstra Calling for Office 365 bring to a modern workplace, and has advice for those who are about to take the plunge.

“It’s all about change management, team members need to feel like they are part of the process,” he says.

“When I start talking to somebody like Calibre One about how to do this, we always talk about what the end-user experience is going to be, and that is architected in right from the start. It’s how we approach all the projects we do together.”

If you’d like to learn more about modernising your workplace, join us for one of our upcoming events in Adelaide, Alice Springs, or Darwin!

Learn more, or register here:

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