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Calibre One have partnered with Telstra Buyback partner, Moorup, to reduce waste and help you dispose of your old devices in an economical and environmental way. In Australia, the amount of e-waste we create is growing up to three times faster than general waste and ~ 25 million devices are in office drawers and cupboards. Moorup’s buyback solution balances commercial and security objectives while reducing the amount of e-waste generated through resource recovery, reuse and recycling.

Who Is Moorup?

Moorup are a Telstra buyback partner that offer an end-to-end solution to buyback, refurbish, donate and recycle your mobile devices and tablets. Their mission is to extend the lives of electronic devices, helping bring Connectivity to Unconnected Consumers. Recycle Telstra Phone

Benefits Of Utilising Moorup For Device Buyback

1. Capture Residual Value:

Extract value of your unused and end-of-life devices, that might have traditionally stayed in drawers or have been gifted by the employee to family and friends. The value of each buyback is credited to your Telstra Mobile Account.

2. Reduce Fleet Refresh Costs:

Use the value of your buybacks to offset some of your future Telecommunication expense.

3. Achieve Corporate Sustainability Outcomes:

Be more environmentally responsible and reduce your e-waste impact receiving your environment benefit summary after each buyback.

4. Reduce Security Risk:

Secure hardware erasure processes reduce your security risk of randomly stored devices or those given to employees’ families and friends.

5. No Additional Costs:

Moorup’s solution includes collection boxes, collection, data erasure and recycling.

Your Data is Secure When You Trade In Your Devices

When it comes to Trading in unused devices, one of the biggest concerns is the security of the information that was stored on your devices. Moorup, understands the importance of protecting your digital information and utilises the global Blancco software program to securely erase your data. The process includes providing a verification and certification summary for your devices. For devices that don’t have any economic value. Moorup can responsibly and securely recycle via their partner, Mobile Muster at no cost.

Moorup And Calibre One

Now that Calibre One have partnered with Moorup, this is a great step forward in our commitment to sustainability, and also great news for our customers! There are two ways to utilise Moorup as a Calibre One Customer:

We Will Work On Your Behalf

Let us do all the heavy lifting for you. Calibre One will work with Moorup on your behalf to ensure that you get the best possible price when you’re ready to Trade in your old devices.

You Can Work With Moorup Directly At The Time Of Upgrade

We will work with both the customer and Moorup at the time of upgrading your mobile fleet. From there, Moorup will create an estimate on your old fleet and offer a buyback (Trade in) price which will be paid back as a credit on your Telstra Mobile Account, or paid via EFT. For example, if you have 50 iPhone 8 you could get up to $14,750 depending on their grade. Moorup can also buyback your unused ICT equipment like laptops, desktops and monitors

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Interested In Getting Paid For Your Old Phones Via A Trade In?

With 5G devices being rolled out, there is no better time to plan what you want to do with your old fleet. With Calibre One and Moorup, you now have a solution that’s great for your business as well as the environment. Ph: 1300 4 CALIBRE (1300 422 542)
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