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Microsoft Teams Webinar Presenter Modes

We figured it would only be a matter of time before Microsoft Teams would have webinar hosting capabilities. Now, that moment has finally arrived!

Microsoft recently announced that they have launched their webinar capabilities as easy and professional webinars to engage customers.


Teams Webinars for up to 1,000 Attendees

Microsoft built these capabilities with both users and customers in mind. It’s as simple as setting up a Teams meeting, and offers end-to-end support such as customisable registration pages and attendee emails, and even post-event reporting, among other powerful features. Here is what these full-featured, rich webinars look like to set up:

Microsoft Teams Webinar


Enhanced Teams Webinar Presentation Capabilities


In utilising PowerPoint Live and Presenter mode capabilities, everyone can host a webinar like a pro with Microsoft Teams. As the host, you can privately view upcoming slides, notes, the meeting chat, and audience members so you’re prepared for whatever comes next. Here’s how it looks:


Microsoft Teams Webinar Presenter Modes


Make it your own! Presenters also have options for how they appear in the webinar.


Microsoft Teams Presentation Layout


Enhanced Teams Webinar Attendee Capabilities

As we mentioned before, this was designed for both users and their customers in mind. Teams Webinars are great for the attendees as well!

They have the ability to personalize their own experience by navigating the content at their own pace, so they can go back themselves if they missed something. Microsoft also announced that they will soon roll out translation capabilities as well so you can reach a larger audience in the language of their preference! All of this will be completely private for the attendee and will not change anything for other webinar attendees.


Microsoft Teams Webinar Translation Modes

Continue Engaging After the Webinar


As you know, prospect and customer engagement all comes down to follow up. Now, you can easily access reporting and easily export data to bring your attendee information into your CRM system or Marketing Automation system for ongoing follow up.


Microsoft Teams Webinar Follow Up


Who is eligible for Teams Webinars?


According to Microsoft, “These new capabilities will be available in Microsoft 365 E3/E5, Microsoft 365 A3/A5, and Microsoft 365 Government G3/G5 plans. Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium plans will include all the features above for up to 300 attendees. And for the rest of 2021, we are offering a promotional period where all Teams users can try the features with their existing subscription.”


Are you Maximising Office 365?


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