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Microsoft Teams and Outlook Latest Product Updates

Microsoft Partner

As usual, Microsoft continues to wow us with their consistent and powerful updates to Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and more!

Here’s what’s new and what’s coming out soon.


Roaming Signatures: Outlook for Windows

Your Outlook Signatures will now be stored on the cloud rather than locally on your device. This may seem like a small change at first, but it’s actually extremely beneficial and will save you and your organisation time.

Previously, each time a signature needed to be updated, whether it had to do with branding consistency, job title change, updating contact info, and so on, each staff signature would need to be updated on that individual’s machine.

Furthermore, you would need to set your signature on each machine you log into. Think: Phone, office computer, home computer, etc. Now, it’s easy to manage your signatures and have them be uniform, regardless of where you log in!

This change has already been deployed! Lean more about the update and benefits here.

Not yet utilising Cloud Mail/Microsoft Exchange? Learn more here! 

New Microsoft Teams Templates

Your users will soon be able to quickly create new Teams using Microsoft Teams templates, which pull to the surface channels, tabs, and most-used apps.

Microsoft Teams Templates

Via Microsoft

This will begin rolling out the first week of October and expect the rollout to be complete by the end of October. Learn More


Updated Live Transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft have recently rolled out updates to improve Live Transcription, and plan to add speaker attribution soon. Now, you can follow along with live meetings with subtitles so you don’t miss anything in a live meeting or in meeting recordings.

Please Note: Live transcription currently supports only spoken English.


New Speaker Attribution in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Live Transcriptions help with understanding what is said, it’s often difficult to decipher who is saying it, especially in a large meeting, or in meetings where participants don’t use video. That’s why Microsoft will soon add speaker attribution to captions so that everyone knows who is speaking.


End of Teams Meeting Notifications

How’s your time management? With so many meetings on Teams, oftentimes you’ll find that your days are packed, and you’re not able to cover everything you wanted within a single meeting. Now, Teams will alert participants when there are 5 minutes remaining in a scheduled meeting, so you can be sure to wrap up without going over. This feature will be rolled out by late September.


Turn Off Message Preview for Chat Notifications in Teams

Are you afraid of a private message popping up on your screen during a screen share? It’s a common feat, and for good reason! Soon, users will be able to turn off message preview for chat notifications in Teams, ensuring fewer distractions and enhanced privacy. This will be rolled out by late October

Keep your Microsoft Apps Updated!

Which feature are you most excited by? Are you already thinking about how you’ll utilise these features? We are, too!

Be sure to adapt to these features soon, knowing Microsoft, they’ll soon introduce even more enhancements and improvements. It’s another good reason to always keep your apps up to date to ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest rollouts, in addition to keeping your information and the information of your company secure.


Not Yet Using These Applications?

Microsoft is a very powerful tool that can take your business to the next level, but it can also be intimidating.

Calibre One are a Gold Microsoft partner, and can help ensure that you’re utilising Microsoft to its full capability, or get you switched over to Microsoft seamlessly.

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