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Microsoft Ignite 2020

The Microsoft Ignite event is an open event to all customer, partner and vendors. This year there was an estimated 8,000 people who attended the event across the 2 days. Calibre One had the privilege of sending Dan Falkenberg, Lain Collopen, and Peter Muchamore form our account management and technical engineering team.

In the photo below, the Calibre One old and new team members were able to catch-up sand share memories as well as collaborate throughout the event.


From left to right: Damien Hartwell (MyVirtual CIO), Peter Muchamore (Calibre One), Lain Coollopen (Calibre One), Shane Clay (Caznet), Dan Falkenberg (Calibre One)

The event floor

Microsoft Ignite was hosted in the Sydney convention center with a significant number of  vendors in the village area.

The ICC Sydney was such a great venue and turnout to the sessions and vendor engagement was great.


There were booths for days! We took this picture trying to capture the scale of the vendor area, but these pictures do not do it justice.



The Sessions


There were so many great sessions running and as so many vendors to see, below are a few of the sessions and vendors that our team were able to meet up with. We only wished that we could of visited all of them!


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was a big focus for our team, with the app still claiming the title of Microsoft’s fastest growing application in its history, it was important to get up to date on the latest features coming, these included;

Listening to Leon Wright and Mayank Verma talk about all the new features coming to Teams.


During the session, we learned that upcoming features will include Schedule, Start, or Join Cisco Webex Meetings from Microsoft Teams!

The Cisco Webex Meetings app can help you invite people to your Webex meeting so people can join easily. All that you need to do is set the Webex site URL for the Webex site that you want your team to use for meetings. You must have a host account on that Webex site to use this app. If your Webex account is enabled for a Personal Room, you can use the app to share a link to a meeting in your Personal Room.

This will be so beneficial to clients that have already made an investment in to WebEx and are looking to link the two systems.


One of the reason we love Teams so much is that it integrates so well, office 365, live transcriptions/subtitles. Essentially, Teams is a holistic solutions that solves all your problems: messaging, collaboration, forms, don’t have to walk into a meeting room, can just join a meeting anywhere in the world. Used to be that if you can’t make it to the meeting room you can’t make the meeting, now you can join from anywhere with a mobile and laptop!


Lain and Dan taking a quick selfie between jam-packed sessions!


Data Connected Platform

The session went over how Data Connected Platform had developed to deliver real-time data ingestion, augmented data management, augmented analytics, data fabric, and continuous intelligence.

Listening to Data Connected Platform on how we can better use Azure Services, Power Bi and Teams to shape our customers experience within Teams.

They highlighted how this fusion of technology and capability creates value for different industries by connecting data to insights. Further, they highlighted data discovery for a data driven business, the use of data preparation tools to increase productivity as well as enablement of self-service augmented analysis and implementing predictive analytics to optimize analytics in high value scenarios for all organizations.


Resource Management

Another feature about to launch in Teams will include managing rooms cars, and other company resources. Simpler way to book rooms in advance/on the fly. The solution will also enable features like digital signage for meetings in foyers or other areas.

Learn more about this upcoming feature here.


The Tech


We were excited to finally got our hands on the new Poly CCX 500 as well as the Elara. Both nice pieces of kit. They’re responsive and great to use. The Elara was interesting, one little quirk when you place a call using the dial-pad it defaults to a standard call and NOT a teams call. You have to place a teams call directly from the phone app. Hopefully this is something that can be changed in the future

The Poly CCX 500 and the Poly Elara


Poly’s mobile 360 degree loudspeakers are great for when your on the road and you need to create a conference call allowing everyone to hear what’s been said as well as be heard clearly.


Focus on the environment


As part of Calibre One’s own drive to reduce its waste and carbon footprint, it was great to meet up with the team at Prinitx, a cloud print management solution that now gives an environmental review:

“Tree-O-Meter” shows the number of trees an organization has consumed!

If your organisation is trying to track paper usage in a serverless world across lots of devices, and importantly see the kind of environment impact that it is having, then the Printix solution provides both central control and management on printing, enabling you to manage costs, as well as telling you the number of trees that you are saving, or cutting down through your usage.

Engineer (Peter Muchamore) and account manager (Dan) talking to Steve Lyne, the Vice President at Printix.


Microsoft has also prioritized the environment with their announcement of a goal to be carbon negative by 2030!

Reducing environmental impact is something that’s very important to Calibre One, both in our company mission and for our individual staff. As a result, we’ve set a goal of going Carbon Neutral in 2020, and have implemented an E-Waste and Other Materials Recycling Program for our customers and partners, as well as ourselves. We’re glad to see our partners following suit.


The Booths

The Microsoft Vendor Village was packed with different tech covering lots of different solutions.

The HUB.

This is where all the vendors where located.

Right in the center was the Microsoft Showcase, this was where you were able to directly talk to and engage with Microsoft experts covering a range of Microsoft solutions like Azure, Data & AI, Microsoft business applications, Microsoft 365 and more.



Barracuda was one of the vendors that specialize in Email Protection, Network and App Security, Data Protection and Public Cloud Security.


Bit Titan.

Bit Titan Migration offered Migrations solutions across a number of sources to Microsoft 365, G Suite Amazon Mail and more.


Manage Engine.

Manage Engine are a comprehensive IT management software, covering everything from Help Desk solutions to IT security and compliance for industry specific solutions. They are a great partner and where happy to see them at the event.



We mentioned Printix above, with their focus on the environment! Printix offers a printer management solution for those clients that have moved to a full cloud environment but still need a powerful printer management solution.


Journey Home

We were very sad to leave such a great event, and especially scared when we saw our plane was held together with tape!

Sometimes the simplest solution still works when it comes to tech, but we would prefer to be on the cutting edge, both in our events, and in the air!


This blog post was co-written by Dan Falkenberg and Lain Collopen.

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