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You may have noticed some familiar faces writing for the blog lately. Our staff at Calibre One have a wealth of knowledge, with each person specialising in their own field. We decided to ramp up our content so we can share that knowledge with you.

With that in mind, we want to introduce our new writers so you can understand who they are and what types of posts to expect from them! If you have any questions or requests for articles, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Without further adieu, here are our new writers:

Darren Gore

Darren is the Chief Financial Officer at Calibre One. He’s always had a focus and passion for the IT and Telecommunications market. He primarily likes to write about innovation, keeping you up to date with the latest technologies, and how to stay competitive in your business. He’ll also write about conferences he’s attended and what he’s learned from them.

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Marcelo Orlandi

Marcelo is the Chief Security Officer at Calibre One. He has 25 years in the IT industry and oversees all security related issues. He writes about security issues, with a passion of helping achieving the required level of awareness to improve internal processes. Mark your calendars, each Monday he posts about security issues, data breaches, and new malware to watch out for, we call it #MalwareMonday.


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Steve Wemyss

Steve is the CEO of Calibre One. He’s passionate about technology and helping businesses get better use from it. An experienced Electronics and IT System Maintenance Engineer, Steve has substantial experience in building and operating businesses in the IT maintenance and support arena. He writes about it all! From product recommendations, to security tips, to marriage equality, Steve is truly one of our most expansive writers.


See Articles by Steve

Carley Sawford

Carley SawfordCarley is a Director at Calibre One and is one of the founders of Nexus Tel, which merged with Calibre One in July of 2016. She is a strong leader, has a passion for developing sales executives and thrives on exceeding forecasts and forging business relationships. So far, she has written about her experience of dropping everything to start a new company, and we look forward to strategic sales and leadership posts from her in the future!


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Hayley Imlay

Hayley is a Director & Business Technology Manager at Calibre One. Previously, she was one of the Founders & Directors of Nexus Tel, which merged with Calibre One in July of 2016. She is highly motivated and ambitious with a passion for emerging technology and is dedicated to the growth of her customers and her team. So far, she has written about her experience of dropping everything to start a new company, and we look forward to posts around emerging technology and team & customer growth from her in the future!

See Articles by Hayley

Ben Blanche

Ben BlanchBen Blanch is the Business Development Manager for Calibre One. He brings 20 years of IT and Telecommunications industry experience from building large contact centre environments to the management of small to medium enterprise spaces. So far, he has written about innovation and synergy through the unlikely partnership of Virgin Airlines and LinkedIn. In the future, he will write about a range of different topics including: asset tracking & utilisation, emerging technology and how to innovate your business through IT.


See Articles by Ben


We hope you enjoy this new direction we are taking with content! Requests and questions are always welcome, so please reach out to us in the comments on our Facebook Page

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