Massive Starwood Hotels Breach

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Massive Starwood Hotels Breach

Well, by now you should not be surprised that there has been another data leak…. are you? If you are, go back and read 130 million hotel records are being sold which was published just a few months back.

Still surprised? well, keep reading. Starwood Hotels was breached and the personal data from 500 million guests have been exposed.

This goes back from 2014 until this last September. You may ask yourself, who has heard of Starwood hotels before? Well, Marriott International is the parent company which disclosed the breach.

What information has been disclosed? The guest name, mailing address, phone number, email address, passport number, Starwood Preferred Guest account information, date of birth, gender, reservation date, arrival and departure information and communication preferences.

The company also informed that there have been a number of undisclosed guests. The accessed information included payment card numbers and expiration dates even that the information was AES-128 encrypted.

Did you say in any of their hotels during that time? If you did, check your credit card details, change the password and if you have the option, change your credit cards.

As always, be safe out there and until next Malware Monday.