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Managed IT Services

Managed Service Providers

Today, there are very few companies that don’t rely on technology in the operation of their business, so keeping everything running smoothly is essential. Unfortunately, IT and Communications are now also very complex, so most companies will choose to engage the services of an external professional Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Naturally, you expect any competent IT provider to do most of these things. However, while most MSPs excel at IT or Communications, their big challenge is security. At Calibre One we look to focus managing the security of your business, your reputation and importantly your systems. Today, security is not solely focused on virus and hacking, it’s far more complex than that. Calibre One considers this a starting point though when discussing your information technology.

Where Calibre One Can Help.

Calibre One is a complete one-stop technology solution and support provider. We provide expertise, creativity and flexibility to support your business, helping keep your infrastructure up to date and fixing issues as soon as they arise. With 30 years of experience in the industry and a skilled and reliable workforce, we can provide you with a skilled, stable and flexible partnership.

Our solutions can help you migrate to the cloud or out of the cloud. We can improve your on-premise operation through Managed IT Services, and we provide a comprehensive, nationwide, Australian–based 24/7 support service.

  • MPLS Networking and Enterprise Connectivity Solutions.
  • Telecommunication Services including fixed, data, Satellite and mobile voice services.
  • Vehicle Fleet Tracking.
  • Security Audits and Policy Planning.
  • ICT Security Solution Design, including RSA Data Loss Prevention and SecurID.
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions.
  • SD-WAN network deployment, & design.
  • Cyber Security monitoring services and remediation support.
  • Data Storage Management/Tape Media Management.
  • Device Management for iPhone, Android, MAC and PC.
  • Virus & Spam Management and Protection.
  • VMware & HyperV virtualization solutions.
  • Application Development & Support i.e. MS SharePoint, Teams, Intune, Power Apps.
  • Cloud Computing Solutions including IaaS, SasS via Azure.
  • Hosted PBX solutions with Microsoft Teams and Telstra Calling for 365.
  • Contact Centre Integrations.
  • Pre & Post-Sales Support.
  • Project Management through Prince 2 Methodologies.
  • Tier 1 Hardware & Software Supplier.
  • Network Environment Documentation.
  • Infrastructure Integration Projects.
  • Windows Desktop Standard Operating Environment (including Enterprise)
    design and deployment.
  • Desktop and Remote User Support Services, through ITIL based
  • Methodologies, and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM).
  • Problem Management and Internal Help Desk with professional services
  • Outsourced Network Operations/Support.
  • MS SQL Database Support.
  • 3rd Party Application Support.
  • MPLS, Internet, NXGF and SD-WAN network management.

Services and Pricing

Our Managed Service capabilities are available with a range of flexible agreements including Pay-as-you-go, Device Only or fixed price agreements. Furthermore, our services can be tailored to provide exactly what you need.

For the full details of our Managed IT Services plans see our Managed IT Services Terms.

Service Feature


Device Only Agreement

Fixed Price Agreement

Standard Service Level Agreement
Optional Premium Upgrade
Optional Premium Upgrade
Coverage Period
Standard: Mon — Fri 8am – 5pm (ACST)
Optional 24/7 Upgrade
Optional 24/7 Upgrade
24x7 Performance Monitoring
Backups, Service Real Time monitoring, Virus Alerts, Intrusion Detection, System Performance, desktops/Laptops, Servers
Regular Maintenance Tasks
Windows Server and Desktop Patching, Antivirus, Windows O/S Updates, and firmware updates’
Back-up Management
A regular managed back-up confirmation check to ensure your data backups are successful and readable for recovery of data when required. Solutions available for both on-premise equipment and cloud based services.
Help Services
Level 1, 2 and 3 Helpdesk Support Services providing remote support
PAYG Billing/.25hour Min
PAYG Billing/.25hour Min
Onsite Response
PAYG Billing/.5hour Min
PAYG Billing/.5hour Min
Job Management - Tracking
Maintain Desired State Configuration (DSC)
Tracking corporately set policies, alerting when changes are requested or implemented (e.g. by non auth'd staff)
Dedicated Account Manager
Tasks include: Staff Meeting Representative, Business Analysis, Company Vendor Briefings, Risk Management, Compliance/Governance, Product Training, Licensing Management
Monthly Reporting
IT Asset Lifecycle Management
Ongoing upgrades, replacement and disposal of all hardware and software
IT Procurement Assistance
Vendor Relationship Management
We interface directly with software vendors on your behalf on all support issues

Service Level Agreement

With ever-increasing complexity in business systems and dependence on those systems it is important that business owners can rely on solid support from their partners. Our solid engineering principles, structured response processes for support calls, ticket management and guaranteed Service Response Levels all serve to ensure customers can have confidence in Calibre One as their support partner.

When you have a Managed Services agreement with Calibre One, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is provided which assigns every task with a priority levels, each of which has a guaranteed response time. The Service Levels below show the response times expected when lodging issues with Calibre One.
Calibre One defines our ticket PRIORITY levels as follows:

For more details on our service level agreements see: Service Level Agreements (SLA) and What They Mean


Description of Priority Level



Priority 1
A complete business down situation. The client is unable to operate.
< 2 hours to respond
< 1 hour to respond
Priority 2
A major component of the client’s ability to operate is affected. Some aspects of the business can continue but it’s a major problem.
< 8 hours to respond

< 4 hours to respond

Priority 3

The clients core business is unaffected, but the issue is affecting efficient operation by one or more people.

< 2 working days to respond

< 1 working day to respond
Priority 4

The issue is an inconvenience or annoying but there are clear workarounds or alternates.

< 10 working days to respond

< 5 working days to respond

Priority 5

The issue is a background or planned task and will be addressed when time permits or on the planned date.

< 28 working days to respond

< 14 working days to respond

Reporting and Business Insights

ICT is as critical to most business and therefore ongoing management is vital to ensure all resources are performing at their peak. Calibre One aims to provide customers with reporting and insight that helps align your ICT systems with the needs of the business. Over time, businesses, users and industries change, therefore ongoing reporting and business insight is critical to keep ahead of your competition.

Calibre One provides customers with scheduled reporting and a live dashboard presenting analytics for hardware, licensing, users and application management. Our standard suite of reports combined with insight provided by our account management team provides you with essential data to make the best decisions for your business.

Our standard reports include:

  • Warranty status and upcoming expiration dates.
  • Software licensing annuities due.
  • Office 365 license type and user (including unused licenses).
  •  IT Tickets open vs closed.
  • Tickets Types (so core issues can be identified to draw focus on each month).
  • Satisfaction rates.
  • Users not logged in for the last 60 days.
  • Detected Anti-Virus threats on which computer and whether they are removed.
  • Previous month Calibre One invoices.
  • Open quotes from Calibre One.
  • CPU usage average for the previous month.
  • CPU usage Min/ Max for the last 24 hours.
  • RAM usage average for the previous month.
  • RAM usage Min/ Max for the last 24 hours.
  • Hard Drive current percent capacity and trend for the previous month.
  • Date Server was built.
  • Operating System patch level.
    Uptime counter.

Customer Success Stories

Calibre One is proud of the business partnerships we have developed over the years since inception. We have developed in conjunction with our customers several customer stories show casing the great work done between our team and our customers.

Codan Limited

Founded in 1959 and headquartered in South Australia, Codan Limited is an international company that develops rugged and reliable electronics solutions for government, corporate, NGO and consumer markets across the globe. Codan’s technologies include metal detection and communications.

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Aldebaran Contracting

Headquartered in the rugged Northern Territory, Aldebaran Contracting is a civil works and earthmoving company that provides a range of services from road maintenance to design and construction projects for water, sewage, culvert, concrete, construction and more.

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