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Making Digital Transformation Real: A Telstra, Microsoft and Calibre One Event

Calibre One recently partnered with Telstra and Microsoft to host an event at Adelaide Oval themed: ‘Making Digital Transformation Real’.

The event was designed to expose customers to the evolution of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure and to showcase how our customers are utilising this technology to transform their business.    

The event  was hosted by Adam Oliver, the Regional General Manager for Telstra’s SA and NT Premier Business customers. It was well attended with around 60 Customers, as well as a further 30 Telstra, Microsoft and Calibre One staff.  

Host, Adam Oliver


Enabling Digital Transformation

The first presenter was Philip Meyer from Microsoft. Phil talked about ‘Enabling Digital Transformation’ and took the audience through the journey of a mobile and cloud first world and the Microsoft view of how digital transformation enables businesses to: 

  • Empower Employees 
  • Engage Customers 
  • Optimise Operations 
  • Transform Products 

Philip described how Office 365 continues to evolve with new applications being added or upgraded at a seemingly ever increasing frequency. 

See the full video here:


The room broke for morning tea after Philip’s presentation and regrouped for the second half of the program to be delivered by the Calibre One team. The segment started with the new Calibre One promo video which featured two of our Customers, Assured Home Loans and Maritime Constructions.   

Adapting to Changes in Technology

Steve Wemyss, CEO of Calibre One, described the changes in technology he has seen during the past 21 years of Calibre One’s history and how Calibre One had adapted and worked with their customers. The promo video featured Assured Home Loans who have been a Calibre One customer for 20 years and described their journey and digital transformation process.  He went on to describe how Calibre One themselves had been as much a part of this transformation as our own customers.  

See the full video here:

Transforming Through Digitisation

Following on from Steve, Hayley Imlay, our Director/Business Technology Manager at Calibre One, ran a segment on how businesses can transform their work processes through digitisation. This segment included an interview with Daniel Gaunt, Operations Manager of NT Telstra Business of the Year 2017, HiQA Geotechnical.



As a long term Calibre One customer. Daniel walked us through HiQa’s nine year journey in digitally transforming their business to accommodate their growth from 2 to 40 staff.  He described the move from traditional shared network drives, then early steps into the world of Cloud and finally moving to a combination of Microsoft Office 365 and Telstra’s cloud and network platform allowing operations across five sites in Northern Territory. 

We have technicians operating in the middle of the Tanami Desert over satellite technology to operating in big cities. It’s a challenge and we need to innovate and move on to the next step, and we need our technology to grow with us.

Daniel Gaunt, HiQA Geotechnical.

See the full video here: 

Digital Disruption: Cloud and The Internet

The last session was run by Calibre One CFO, Darren Gore.  The theme for the discussion was ‘How Cloud and the Internet are changing Fundamental Business Models’. In this segment Darren discussed digital disruption, how 77% business see it as a threat, but how 55% also see it as an opportunity.  Darren walked the audience through the last two decades highlighting the fall of major world brands and how the tech savvy have transformed whole industry sectors.  

Following this, Darren introduced the audience to a connected world called the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and how this is a potential $4 – $19 Trillion industry over the next decade and how it will likely transform many different industries’ business models. 

Darren discusses digital disruption


Darren then invited to the stage Jason Gore, Senior Project Manager/Engineer from AZZO for a Q&A session. 

Jason described how AZZO is utilising Telstra’s Mobile network and IoT devices that connect to their Cloud platform to monitor energy, water and gas. These devices enable businesses to monitor these resources in real-time and control and as a result make changes that reduce running costs. This in turn allows a reduction to businesses carbon footprints and savings to precious resources.  


Darren and Jason discuss digital disruption and IoT


Jason went on to describe how the world of IoT has transformed AZZO’s business model, enabling them to deliver these solutions at a significantly lower cost. This allowed access to markets previously inaccessible and far more flexibility in the rollout of these solutions.  

See the full video here:


If you’re interested in learning more, Darren has recently written a blog on AZZO and how they are using cloud computing to cut business energy costs by 30%.  

Concluding The Day

Adam Oliver concluded the event with a short Q&A from the audience to all of the day’s speakers. Following that, he supervised the card draw to give away a Microsoft Surface and three Xboxes to lucky customers in the audience. 

Microsoft, Telstra and Calibre One hope to host this event in Darwin and also Cairns early next year, so watch this space if you are interested in attending. 
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