Alright, by now you should be accustomed to reading these sort of blog posts, specifically if it is about a new breach.

In this case, it has not been a breach of a company in Europe or a mega-hotel chain in Asia. This time is here in Australia.

Australia’s banks have started notifying customers that may have been caught up in an “industry-wide” data breach at a property valuation firm.

CBA and ANZ had suspended the use of LandMark White’s valuation services and that NAV was also considering its position.

ANZ has been the only one of the big four banks to so far go public on its exposure to the data breach, confirming both the incident and its extent, saying,

“At this stage, we understand a very small percentage of our customers who had valuations undertaken between November 2016 and December 2018 are potentially impacted,”

Landmark White said that it had “closed off a security vulnerability which we had identified in one of our valuation platforms”on January 23 and also that it was “not aware that there had been any data disclosure”

“Pending the outcome of our investigations, we may need to notify individuals affected by this incident to let them know what information may have been accessed and what steps they can take to prevent any potential misuse of their information”, the firm said.

Have you had any valuation undertaken in the last two years? If that was a yes you may want to confirm with your bank that your information is secure.

And as always, be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.

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