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Kisi Site Access and Control

Kisi, Calibre One’s Door Access Control partner, recently announced some exciting new features on their blog! Let’s dig in to these newly released features, and how they could help your business’ security!


Free Camera Integration

Kisi natively integrates with cameras by big manufacturers, such as Cisco Meraki, and are now offering these camera integrations free of charge! Kisi has decided to make this shift due to the ongoing irregularity of current conditions, and this free integration option is available for both new and existing customers!


New Footage Feature


Kisi also recently launched a brand new footage feature, that can be accessed within your Event History. Here’s how:


Kisi Footage


This new footage feature provides a better overview of your camera events, and allows you to add the door(s) with cameras. From there, you can see an events timeline, and switch between camera-augmented views!


Offline Mode

Internet outages are always problematic, but when your building access is dependent on having an internet connection, it can be even more stressful to be offline.

With this new update, Kisi hardware is now able to respond to mobile tap unlocks, even while offline! See limitations.


Kisi Access in Elevators

Kisi Elevator Access

In addition to improving functionality, Kisi has also rolled out a brand new functionality with elevators! It is now possible to equip elevators with Kisi, creating a consistent access experience throughout your entire facility or facilities.


Interested in learning more about Site Access and Control?

Check out your security options with Calibre One and Kisi!

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