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Kerry’s Automotive Group Enters Into First Phase of Digital Transformation

Kerry’s Automotive Group, which is one of the largest automotive dealerships in the Northern Territory, in conjunction with Calibre One, have recently entered into the first phase of their digital transformation journey.

The Challenge

When we first met Kerry’s their systems and users were stuck with ageing, on-premise infrastructure and software. The legacy environment made it difficult for IT staff to manage operations and security. It was expensive to keep up-to-date and was limiting the team’s ability to communicate and collaborate

Kerry’s Digital Transformation with Calibre One

Calibre One kicked off Kerry’s digital transformation by moving their on-premise exchange to Office365 for over 100 staff. This cloud consulting and systems migration to Microsoft Office365, paired with consolidated telecommunications services and billing, has generated operational benefits and reduced costs for Kerry’s Automotive Group.

This project delivered significant cost savings for the team across their multiple locations, as these consumption-based cloud services have significantly reduced licensing and support costs. Furthermore, moving to the Office365 allows their IT team to be more agile with their email management through a single messaging and collaboration environment. This move has also resulted in a reduction in email spam volumes to almost nil, and reduced risk from cyber security threats.

What’s next for Kerry’s Automotive Group?

With their successful migration to cloud-based email and office applications this has now enabled their IT team to focus on the next phase of digitisation. Phase two, for example, will include taking their internal documents and moving them to SharePoint where they can update and collaborate in real-time, without concern over version control.

Phase three will explore the opportunity of the latest addition to the Microsoft & Telstra partnership with Telstra Calling for 365 to migrate their IP Telephony system. More to come on that soon!

We’re proud to have begun Kerry’s digital transformation, and are excited for what comes next for this incredible company.

Click here to see the full Kerry’s Case Study.

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