Is your system compromised?

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Is your system compromised?

Your answer is probably going to be no. However, did you know that on average, companies only realize they have been compromised after the attackers have been on their system for 60 days?

60 days is only an average, as there has been compromised environments that have only been discovered after more than 1 year.

In corporate environments, phishing and social engineering attacks are the top methods of compromising networks with 55%, followed by malicious insiders at 13% and remote access at 9%. This clearly shows that the human factor is still the weakest link in the Cyber Security chain.

If you have a company where employees can access the network, remember to provide not only their “role training” but also Cyber Security awareness training, they are your last level of defense against the bad guys.

Be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.