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We all know that there is a lot happening on the Internet at any point time, videos streaming, downloading, movies, songs, emails, and more and more.

But, what it is a lot? Let’s just put a few numbers out there. There has been a report from Cumulus Media showing the activity taking place on various platform such as Facebook or Google in 60 seconds.

What happens in 60 seconds?

  • 973,000 Facebook logins
  • 3.7 million Google search queries
  • 4.3 million videos viewed
  • 481,000 Tweets sent
  • 38 million of Whatsapp messages sent
  • 187 million of emails sent

Here’s that information in an infographic created byLori Lewis and Chadd Callahan of Cumulus Media:

These numbers are so enormous that they can only be shown using the 60 second time scale.

If you scaled some of these numbers on a monthly basis, it will be:

  • 42,033,600,00 Facebook logins
  • 1,641,600,000,000 Whatsapp messages sent

I may have missed a few zeros on Whatsapp messages, but I don’t think they will care. At the end of the day, there are a lot!

Just remember this next time you have to wait two additional seconds for a Youtube video to play.

Be safe out there. Until next Malware Monday.

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