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How to be safe while online shopping

We have already discussed in the past how to keep all your systems updated, we’ve also published data leaks from big companies, fines from European Regulation and also the new Mandatory Data breach notification in Australia. By now you may be asking yourself, how do I protect myself when shopping online?

There are a number of easy to follow steps which you can take to be more or less safe when shopping online.

Let start with the basics, never, let me reiterate this word again, NEVER share personal information. Scammers use these contact information to get access to you for further phishing and spamming. Do you need to use an email address for online shopping? create a separate email account for that purpose, separating it from your personal account. Because of that, use a strong password and if possible use some form of multifactor authentication.

If you have to use multiple payment methods, always choose the one which you don’t have to enter your credit card details, for instance, Paypal. This will ensure that your details are only stored in one site, Paypal, and they will take care of the payment to the retailer. Even within Paypal, if you have the option to enter a prepaid card, it will be much better than entering the one you use day-to-day. You can get a cheap prepaid Visa or Mastercard card from any retailers and just put some money there when you plan to do any transaction. That will ensure that if the prepaid card is compromised there is no money to steal. This is also very useful if you are one who likes visiting porn, gamble or dodgy sites that require using credit card details.

And the last one is to check before entering your personal details into any website is to make sure that the site (URL) is HTTPS instead of HTTP (without the S, whichs stands for Secure). This means that the communication between your computer and the retailer or website is being encrypted.

These are the top three  considerations for online shopping. This does not mean that if you follow them you will never have a bad experience. This means that the chances of that happening will be low.

Be safe out there. Until next Malware Monday.

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