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How Simple Scam Calls Can Actually Get Your Money

Do you remember last year when we discussed why scammers were calling customers pretending to be from Microsoft Tech to fix your computer? By now, you have probably received calls not only from “Microsoft” but also from “Apple”, “The ATO” and many other big companies asking for money.

Many, including myself, are getting tired of receiving these type of calls, which are more and more common every day. Well, it could be a lot worse!

Do you know that Telstra alone blocked 2.9 million scam calls last July alone? We are taking more than 90,000 calls per day!

In the ITnews reports, Telstra informed that they have seen an “exponential increase in the number of scams targeting Australian customers.”

But, have you ever received a call, where once you pick it up the dialler hangs up? Well, as it states in the report, this normally involves a customer getting a call from an overseas country. You may wonder why they hung up. Here’s why: If you call back, you are calling back to a premium number and will incur a significant call cost, and the profit goes directly to the scammers. This year alone, they are “expecting to net more than $500 million from Australian customers” Not bad money for a simple phone call…

As you can see, the bad guys always find a new way to get your money. Therefore, be vigilant at all times!

And as always, be safe out there until the next Malware Monday.

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