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How Calibre One Uses Feedback to Consistently Improve

If you’ve ever lodged a job with Calibre One, then you may have noticed the three smiley faces in the job closure email asking for your feedback.

The approach seems simple. However, the simplicity belies a key service delivery topic:

How do you get feedback on your work and more importantly, what do you do with it?


Identifying the need

Feedback is essential for any organisation to continually improve in its service delivery – after all, if you don’t know when things went wrong (and right!), how would you know what needs adjusting?

Calibre One has always embraced full and open communication with our clients. Our system of Account Managers who are separate from the day-to-day work being performed allow honest feedback to be given which is then fed back to the support teams. However, as our clients and our support teams have grown, it’s almost impossible to reach everyone, every time.  After all, in an organisation of 50+ people spread across multiple locations, it’s simply not possible to hear about each issue every time.

That gap is where frustrations occur and it’s what drove Calibre One to seek out new ways for our customers to give direct feedback.


Finding a solution

The solution needed to fulfil three key requirements:

  1. Be quick and intuitive for anyone to use,
  2. Integrate with existing tools, and
  3. Provide clear measurements and metrics from the responses.

Most, if not all of us, have hung up when asked to respond to a survey after a call – they just seem to take too long and be a waste of time. Your time is precious so a survey shouldn’t be adding to the frustration!

Those requirements were weighed up against various options and we felt we found a clear winner with a product called  SmileBack.  SmileBack provides three simple options that, when clicked, instantly record the result, with no further response being necessary. Quick, simple and unobtrusive.


The feedback options and how we use them

The three options are intuitive:

Positive – we met your needs!


Neutral – not perfect. Perhaps you thought we took too long or missed a minor detail.


Negative – Not Happy, we failed to listen, or perhaps didn’t fix the issue at all.



It’s what we do with the feedback that’s the key.  We plot these responses in real-time and we don’t just look at the overall statistics and pat ourselves on the back because our positive results meet some defined threshold. We review the ticket behind every neutral or negative response to identify any corrections and what we could have done differently.

Whenever possible, we will call the user to discuss what went wrong and ensure we understand the reason for the adverse feedback. For example: Do we need to adjust or clarify a procedure? Was there a gap in skills, and could we arrange training to fill this? Did the staff member communicate regularly with the client?

These questions and the responses received are useful tools that allow us to improve the experience for our clients.

The data has also enabled better workload forecasting. One example is correlating feedback ratios to staffing levels. This helps us identify the resourcing to cope with ‘sick season’ in winter or when we are expecting peaks in annual leave.


How have we done?

Once the system went live and we started accumulating results, we found the overall feedback was very positive!  And, since we aren’t perfect, we also got neutral and negative results. Once we started applying the principles above and seeking continual improvement, we saw a steady improvement in our results and percentages. We are proud of our results, particularly with the steady improvements and with now having extremely high return and results for our industry.


Rewarding Performance

The best improvements in any organisation are only possible with buy in from staff. Calibre One has taken great care over the years to select staff who have a keen interest in technology, good team culture and a passion for providing excellent customer service. To further emphasise the importance of this, we implemented a bonus system, rather than being based on the usual metrics of hours billed or tickets closed, we base this on the customer satisfaction rate of their work. Good staff and good performance should be rightly rewarded.


Improving and maintaining customer service is a journey that we undertake together with our clients. We thank everyone who has submitted a feedback response for your assistance in helping us improve. Please keep clicking those smileys knowing that it will continue to help us help you.

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