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Fleet Tracking

Why consider fleet tracking within your business?

Instead of relying on redundant methods of capturing data, manual documents, verbal communication and the human element hear-say; deploying a fleet tracking solution could enable you to gather vehicle data and accurate business intelligence 24/7 via Teletrac Navman.

This enables organisations to make faster and better operational decisions to the point they can receive up to and beyond 187% return on my investment whilst complying with Federal WHS legislations.

Fleet tracking is the perfect solution to consider for any organisation that operate a fleet of vehicles today, fleet tracking helps to overcome challenges such as:

  • Managing manual log books for personal and business use
  • Managing Fringe Benefit Tax reporting requirements for the ATO
  • Asset protection, know where your vehicle is and has been
  • Tracking drivers when managing pool vehicles with multiple drivers
  • Tracking and Managing Fuel Usage and your Carbon Footprint
  • Managing Vehicle Maintenance, log books, tyre changes and any other requirements
  • Driver safety in the case of accidents or rollovers

Calibre One can assist customers in tailoring Navman as a solution to your company requirements.

A Tailored Solution to Meet the Needs of Your Fleet

Calibre One’s experienced staff can assist with tailoring Teletrac Navman to the individual needs of your business and your fleet of vehicles, or assets that you wish to track.

Calibre One can provide options for all light vehicle requirements as well as heavy machinery such as trucks, tractors and more. Calibre One can also assist in tracking non-vehicle assets such as trailers, civil equipment and more.

In some cases, customers additionally want to look at customer options such as Dash Cam where you can centrally monitor footage of vehicles to protect staff and your assets. Teletrac Navman also has an open API platform where we can provide many custom integrations with applications like MYOB, Xero, GeoOpps and more.

Calibre One can also assist with customer equipment integration such as customer sensors to assist in the tracking and management of cooling or refrigeration in trucks, and security devices to help and protect staff that may be entering in to dangerous situations.

Real Time Location Access from anywhere on any device

In one easy to use interface simply click on your vehicle to pinpoint its current location and activity in real time using Google maps.

Navman Online App

Once hardware is installed, simply download the app from the Teletrac Navman website, login with your secure password and you are one step away from commanding your fleet.

Replay a day

Simply right click on a vehicle in the list and select replay a day for an instant visual up to date replay of your vehicles activity and journey.


24/7 Fleet Monitoring

Some customers want to be able to monitor and support their staff in many tricky situations, this can be a 24/7 job, Calibre One can assist through 3rd party support from companies like Chubb who can monitor your fleet 24/7 in case of accidents where police, fire or ambulance may need to attend.

High Definition Data

True and accurate second-by-second data

The Teletrac Navman High Definition Data feature offers a visual second by second view of all your vehicle’s movements.

Key Features of HD

  • Data overlayed onto Google Maps
  • Specify what events you see
  • Search by time and date
  • Easy click and drag function to narrow down your search
  • Export functionality



Dashboard and KPIs

A Graph Speaks a Thousand Words

Watch your fleet in real-time and how each vehicle is performing against your own KPI’s

Popular Dashboard Performance Metrics

  • Utilisation
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Over Speed
  • Idle Time
  • Driver Behaviour Scores
  • Mileage
  • Site Stops



Automated Reports that are Delivered to your Inbox

Teletrac Navman has 70+ Reports in their application specific to the vehicle or driver

Most Popular Reports

  • Trip Report
  • Driver Behaviour Reports
  • Geofence Report for Diesel Tax Rebates
  • Idle Report
  • Out of Hours Usage
  • Speed Analysis
  • Driver License Expiry Report

These reports are also available on Smartphone and Tablet. The Teletrac Navman mobile application lets you check in on your fleet at any time. 

Vehicle Maintenance

A Complete Online Tool to Manage Vehicle Servicing and Scheduling

A One stop shop for keeping up to date and ensuring preventative maintenance is carried out on time, every time.

Includes an Electronic Maintenance Log Feature, All Stored in the Cloud

Receive automatic email alerts when a service is due. Simply right click on a vehicle and log that the service is complete to reset the next alert.


Real-Time Communication

A Two-Way Messaging System to Communicate with Staff out in the Field

The M-Nav messaging and navigation device powered by Garmin is an in-cab terminal that provides your business with a fully integrated vehicle tracking, job dispatch and satellite navigation solution in one package.

Popular Features Available on the M-NAV

  • Navigation and Routing
  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Truck Attribution Data
  • Engine Management System Monitoring (EMS)*
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)


To take up the Teletrac Navman GPS Fleet Management and Tracking Solution you need to be connected to a casual M2M data plan. There are different data plans available and we recommend the $5.00 per month plan, which includes 5MB data each month.

In addition to your M2M data plan, the other charges (inclusive of GST) that apply to your Teletrac Navman GPS Fleet Management and Tracking Solution are set out below:

Casual PlanPrice
Teletrac Navman Online Director application license fee (required)$38.50 per month
Qube (required)$1,683 upfront
MDT (optional)$627 upfront
MNAV (optional)$1,260.60 upfront
Q-Pro (optional)$1,386 upfront

36-Month Contract PlanPrice
Teletrac Navman Online Director application license fee (required)$38.50 per month
Qube (optional)$55 per month
Qube and MDT (optional)$78.10 per month
Qube and MNAV (optional)$97.90 per month
Qube and Q-Pro (optional)$99 per month
Qube, Q-Pro and MDT (optional)$122.10 per month
Qube, Q-Pro and MNAV (optional)$141.90 per month
MNAV (optional)$42.90 per month

Bulk pricing discounts are available on upfront and ongoing Navman costs. Speak with us today about getting a custom quote for your fleet.

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