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Files and Intranet (SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Teams)

The ease by which we access files and information is important to the efficiency and flexibility for any businesses. Utilising the Microsoft Office 365 cloud for all file storage, access and management directly assists flexibility and efficiency. Using a cloud solution for file and information storage includes benefits and advantages such as;

  1. Simplified Disaster and Recovery (Back-up)
  2. Access information from anywhere
  3. Security and access control consistent between office or remote users
  4. Version Control inbuilt
  5. Offline file access
  6. Share files securely with a hyperlink rather than sending large file attachments
  7. Access from any device (PC, Mobile, Tablet)
Microsoft offers a number of solutions within Office 365 for businesses and organisations to choose from depending on how you work. These are not exclusive, and you can use any one or all three – perhaps for different purposes. Products that provide storage and offline capabilities include; SharePoint, One Drive for Business and Teams. All three provide central storage, strong collaboration tools, version control but differ more in the tech and tools surrounding the storage. For example, OneDrive is essentially an online folder system for file storage without much around it while SharePoint includes many other features such as collaboration, lists, Dashboards and Wikis. While Teams is all about collaborating with co-workers and working together. Under the hood, all three of these products leverage off the SharePoint structure even though each provides quite different user experiences. For example, it’s OneDrive that actually provides the offline abilities for SharePoint. As Microsoft like to point out, it is one unified ecosystem which is what makes the Office365 solution so compelling.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud service that connects you to all of your files. It lets you store and protect your files, share them with others, and get to them from anywhere on all your devices. When you use OneDrive with an account provided by your company or school, it is called OneDrive for Business. Watch this video to learn more:

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service that helps organizations share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to:
  • Empower teamwork
  • Quickly find information
  • Seamlessly collaborate across the organization
Watch this video to learn more:


Teams, which was launched by Microsoft as part of Office 365 in 2017, also comes with file storage capabilities. Utilising technologies from SharePoint and OneDrive for Business on the back end, it provides businesses with a cloud platform that enables files, chat, meeting and calling functions all in the one platform. Watch this video to learn more:

Getting Setup

Working through which platform is for you and how to get there can sometimes be the tricky part. Calibre One’s job is to assist our customers in just that. Our services include:
  • Consultation Services
  • Microsoft Licensing Advice and Support
  • Network Readiness Assessments
  • Solution Design and Migration Planning
  • Platform Customisations and SharePoint / Teams site building
  • User and Network Security Planning
  • Implementation Services
  • Training and Ongoing Support
Don’t just take our word for it though, have a read through some of our customer stories and how we have helped them achieve great outcomes. If you think that a Microsoft 365 Storage solution could be right for your business, and want some help or advice on how to get there, then complete your details below and one of our team which connect with you shortly.

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