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An IMPORTANT WARNING – be aware of suspicious emails

Fake Emails

We’ve recently become aware of emails being sent to several of our clients purporting to be from Calibre One staff. These have taken several forms but all solicit you to click on a link or encourage you to open an attachment. They are NOT from Calibre One and do not indicate a compromise of any of our systems.

Unfortunately, these attempts seem to be a fact of life these days so this email is to raise awareness of this and similar efforts that could appear to come from any of your normal customers and suppliers.

In most cases these emails they are normally recognisable:

  • They are poorly formatted and don’t look like our normal emails
  • They lack our normal signature blocks
  • Look carefully at the full FROM: address, it may not be of the correct format and they seek to hide the real address within a fake one for example:  “(ie accounts@ <> )”

Additionally, please note the following about our emails:

  • Invoices coming from our automated systems will always be of the same format
  • Our emails specifically reference you by first name
  • We quote an Invoice or Statement Number
  • We supply our attachments in a PDF format not as links or DOCx files.

These are also very good tips to keep in mind for all of your suppliers, so we recommend keeping them handy.

Please don’t fall for these tricks and if you have any concerns please contact our team by phone on 1300 422 542.


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