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Facebook is in trouble again, this time with Russia

How many times have I written about Facebook not following security 101 on their systems when they stored passwords in plain text, and so on? Now, it looks like Russia has fined Facebook $47 over citizens’ data privacy dispute.

Yes, you are right, you read it right, it is $47 and not $47 million, which is equivalent to around 3,000 rubles. And yes, this is not a joke or April fool day prank.

Roskomnadzor is a Russian telecommunications watchdog that runs a huge blacklist of websites banned in Russia, and Last December they asked Twitter and Facebook to provide information about the location of servers that store the personal data of its citizens. Because those companies decided not to disclose that information, the Russian Courts imposed a minimum of 3,000 rubles ($47) for violating the Article 19.7 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (failure to provide information).

Bear in mind that the $47 is the minimum amount the court can fine those companies and the maximum is 5,000 rubles which is not much more.

Even though the amount sounds ridicules for a company like Facebook, this can bring implications such as banning Facebook from the country, which will have a much larger impact than $47. There are other countries in the world, such China and Iran which imposed new regulations on all foreign messaging and social media apps to move ‘data and security’ associated to their countries onto servers ‘in’ the country.

Watch this space, more will be coming soon.

As always be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.

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