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Even more feature updates to Teams! Whiteboards, Private Channels, Email Integrations and more

A few weeks ago, we took a look at some of the new features for Microsoft Teams, many driven by  demand from their rapid growing 13 Million Daily Active Users. We thought that may keep Microsoft busy for a while, but evidently it was only the beginning of a range of new and improved features which Microsoft unveiled at Ignite 2019.


What’s new in Microsoft Teams?

Here are some of the innovations that we’re most excited about.


1 – Private Channels

Users are now able to create private channels within existing teams that are limited to only select members of that team.

So.. If there  some aspects of the team that are only relevant to a select few of the group, then a private channel is a great way to collaborate without distracting the rest of the team.

Private channels are also great places to discuss sensitive information that only a few of the team need to be privy to.

Private Channels are available now, so have at it!


2 – Multi-window Capability

This is a simple, but very useful addition. Through Multi-window capability, you can now pop out certain aspects of Teams – chats, meetings, documents, etc. to help you streamline your workflow and not be confined to a single Teams view.

Personally, we think this one will be a big usability bonus. You can expect to see this available early next year.


3 – New Messaging Extensions

This new feature includes in-messaging capabilities such as adding in polls and surveys. Again, these are simple changes that greatly add to day to day productivity! Rather than having a long, drawn out discussion to make a decision, people can now simply answer a poll or survey.


This will result in less back and forth and more efficient ways to answer questions. This can be helpful for anything from deciding where to go to lunch, to prioritising the scope of a client project.


4 – Outlook and Teams Integrations


Do you ever start a conversation on Teams, and realise it should be discussed in an email instead? Or vice-versa?

This integration will allow you to share between Teams and Outlook, including attachments, ensuring that you have everything you need in the right place, without disrupting the flow of conversation.

This will roll out early next year.


5 – Tasks in Teams

Tired of having to switch between four or five different apps to view all of your assigned tasks? Organising your to-do list can be a nightmare, but with this new streamlined rollout, you can worry no more.


You will now be able to have a unified view of your personal and assigned tasks, with tasks consolidated from Microsoft To Do, Teams channels, Planner, and Outlook. Finally, one place for all of your open tasks.

Furthermore, you will have the ability to view tasks through smart view, including tasks assigned to you, sorting by priority, and sorting by either start or due date. These are also available in many visualizations, depending on what works for the individual.

Do you prefer lists? Calendars? Boards? The choice is yours!


6 – Microsoft Whiteboard

Teams meetings are great. You can feel like you’re in the room with people from all over Australia, or all over the world. But as a tech guy who started out in his garage, I’ve found that sometimes you just miss a place to scribble down those whiteboard scratchings!

Now you can have all of the benefits of a whiteboard without any of the travel. Collaborate with those near and far via the Whiteboard on the share tray. I feel like this is truly the missing piece for remote collaboration.


7 – Safe Links

Cybersecurity is now an integral part of the current tech space and something that is extremely important to us at Calibre One.  Hackers are getting more advanced with their malware and phishing methods, so this from Microsoft  adds an additional layer of security to links sent within Teams.

Safe Links in Microsoft Teams, powered by Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, safeguards Teams messages from harmful links in real-time. When a URL is shared in either a private chat or channel conversation, Teams will perform a time-of-click verification of web addresses and alert users of risk such as malware or viruses.


But wait, there’s more!

These are just some of the features announced that we thought were the most exciting or important, but there is so much more rolling out. Read the official announcement to learn about all new features.

If you’d like to implement Teams for your company, we’re here to help, and we highly recommend it. With all of the new feature updates, Teams is likely to revolutionise the way companies communicate!

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